10 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Pixie Cuts

How do you look younger? Women can easily disguise their real age with a little makeup and a hairstyle change. Pixie cuts are among the popular choices for those who want to have a younger image as it gives off a childish, carefree and confident aura.

Pixie cuts began trending in the late 1950’s as Audrey Hepburn wore this style in her debut film Roman Holiday. Depending on the style, a pixie cut ranges from as short as half an inch up to three inches. This kind of hairstyle is easy to maintain and can be worn casually or on special occasions.

Audrey Hepburn – The Epitome of Pixie Cuts

Audrey Hepburn pixie hair

The epitome of pixie cuts, Audrey Hepburn sported this hairstyle and assured its rise to fame. It is a signification of a fearless woman who will not hide behind her crowning glory or need a long one to be feminine. The crop was part of the film’s storyline wherein she portrayed a princess who wanted to be incognito to avoid her royal duties.

Thinking of having one? Then these beautiful women might inspire you:

1. Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway pixie hair

A tousled pixie cut that exhibits a playful touch. By styling with different textures, Anne Hathaway’s pixie makes for endless possible styling. The longer layers on top ease the awkwardness (while the hair is becoming longer) in between stylist appointments. To create this style, the hairstylist’s fingers are spritzed with hairspray and works the product into individual sections to add volume and definition.

2. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley pixie hair

She donned a Razor cut with thick bangs that shows off highlights in layers. Knightley wore a wig on her final scenes in the film Pride and Prejudice as she was sporting a tough pixie cut in another film, Domino. She was playing the role as Domino Harvey, Ford model turned bounty hunter. This choppy hombre style was noticed as she strutted on the red carpet.

3. Rihanna

rihanna pixie hair

This gal sure knows how to rock up that pixie cut. She debuted this style at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards where she took home the Video Of The Year award. Her pixie cut was downright stunning with that dashing red lipstick. She glams up her ‘do with that punk attitude and graceful swag. She later changed her hair color to red and then pink, which you can easily do yourself with hair chalks.

4. Ginnifer Goodwin

ginnifer-goodwin pixie hair

The simple chic pixie cut is done by doing a side part and brushing the hair across the top of Goodwin’s head. Some light hair gel or spray will do the trick to achieve a soft and feminine look, not too heavy and severe. She is so in love with her pixie cut that she has a wig clause in her contracts.

5. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham pixie hair

Who wouldn’t recognize this Posh Spice Girl? Some refer to her hairstyle as the “poxie” or the Posh Pixie cut. She went all out with this look the same time she unveiled her ready-to-wear collection at the New York Fashion Week. It is a dressed-up pixie that is blown dry with a vent brush for shape and natural texture.

6. Natalie Portman

natalie portman pixie hair

According to Natalie her having to shave off her hair in the movie V for Vendetta was a one-shot deal and that it was the most stressful. But it was a good thing as the growing out would leave her hair longer on top and made it more versatile. Although it was a challenge for her, once her hair grew, the short cropped pixie looks cool and trendy on her.

7. Sienna Miller

sienna miller pixie hair

Sienna Miller is an English actress, model and fashion designer. When she was 16, she walked into a salon with a picture of Winona Ryder in a pixie cut. It didn’t turn out as expected that her boyfriend then opened the door and closed it in her face. Fortunately, her second shot at getting a pixie cut was a success as it made her into the ultimate femme fatale in her role as Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl.

8. Kate Moss

kate moss pixie cut

It was in 1991 that Kate Moss donned a long, tapered pixie crop that was perfect for highlighting the supermodel’s elfin beauty. This damsel is not one to shy away from experimenting on her looks, transitioning from a pixie cut to sporting her usual long locks to a brunette hue. Kate Moss shows everyone she can pull off any style.

9. Winona Ryder

winona ryder pixie cut

The pixie cut takes guts, but the payoff is how well it highlights your great features. Winona Ryder has sported a pixie cut since she was in high school and continued doing so during her acting career. Her brunette pixie had her exuding sassy sophistication.

10. Madonna

madonna pixie hair

This music icon has mastered the art of transformation but definitely staying true to her image of a strong and sexy woman. She sported a bleached boyish pixie cut in 1986 in her “True Blue” video. Now it’s called the white-blonde pixie cut. It’s a cool look, just swipe and slide and you’re ready to go.


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