10 Times we wanted Taylor Swift’s Awesome Hair!

Taylor Swift NEVER fails to impress us with her flawless hair! Sometimes we like the color, sometimes we’re in love with the length. then next time we’re stoked by her bangs… Check out how you can get awesome inspiration from her for any type of hair day!

1) Rose Gold Blonde Hair Dye & half up half down hair – elegant but still using those long locks

When can you rock it? A fancy(-ish) date, or whenever you wanna dress up without leaving an impression of trying too hard!


2) Rare are times when Swift has NO bangs – can you even recognize her? 🙂 We love it though, her forehead, her brows… just opens up her face!

When can you rock it? When you wanna grow out your own bangs, show your nice forehead, or emphasize your brow job or your eye makeup!


3) A gorgeous wavy lob & nice ashy medium blonde hair tone – seems like hair of the 2015

When can you rock it? When you wanna play it attractive, if you wanna get noticed right away, and simply – when you feel sexy!


4) Sporty Glam look with sleek shiny hair in ponytail!

When can you rock it? On a very hot but fancy summer night.


5) Long medium strawberry blonde and completely straight bangs – 70’s Barbie doll inspired

When can you rock it? When hanging out with your BFFs in old town, grabing some coffee.


6) Awesome side long bangs – retro & vintage looking, she’s still keeping that lob in dark ashy shade!

When can you rock it? When you wanna stand out & be different but not too crazy. This hair will make you elegant but special!

Taylor Swift Visits "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

7) Voluminous bob with silky waves and very long bangs, playing with a slight balayage effect

When can you rock it? When you’re sick of flat hair and you want some volume & messy hair in your life! Great for a festival look!


8) Greek Goddess style with a very big fluffy hair in medium golden blonde – my absolute favorite!

When can you rock it? At any kind of party, this hair will act upon the way you dress it up or down – can be a fancy thing, rock concert or casual meetup!


9) Sleek 30’s inspired look is an ideal way to grow out those bangs – and appear fabulous!

When can you rock it? At a high end dinner or a fashion show.


10) In summer everything is easier – even hiding bangs! Wet your hair and play with those natural curls!

When can you rock it? During summer, outside under the sun, with an ice-cream in your hand!

Taylor Swift spotted leaving the Gym in the east village in New York City

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