15 Gorgeous Hairstyles for 2015 you can try right NOW

1) Lob a.k.a. Long Bob

It’s all the rage in 2015, ad the celebs ADORE it – if you just want a radical change in your hair cut, but don’t wanna go too short, or at all short – this is the perfect solution!


2) Pixie cut

It’s very bold (and almost bold as well…) since it will uncover everything! Your face will pop out, your face shape, your makeup, all your little imperfections but also all of your best features!

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

3) Victoria’s secret Bombshell waves

Nothing screams more: sexy summer nights! than this hairdo. It’s pretty, attractive, and voluminous, and something you just have to try at least once in your lifetime – even if hair extensions are required!


4) Pastel Hair

It’s a spring & summer thing if you ask me – a MUST in this season, celebs and trendy bloggers swear by it, and it’s not too into your face, as oppose to some other bold hair colors. You can check for some cool 6-chalk Pastel hair combos here!


5) Baby Ombre

Balayage a.k.a. Baby ombre is a hair dying technique that makes your hair pretty much look like they’ve just been slightly sunkissed, hence the name baby ombre, since it’s like baby’s hair that aren’t dyed yet 😉 It’s much less harsh and obvious than regular Ombre, and takes little to no effort of maintaining it!

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

6) Ashy grey & silver

Grey & silver hair are, hands down, by far the most popular hair dyes of this year! Girls go crazy after silver hair, even though it’s very hard to maintain, and even to reach this color. However, it look flawless, silky and fairytale-like.


7) Bangs

Since Taylor Swift is a regular on the scene, and has been rocking her bangs like no one’s business, we’re all kinda secretly craving them. They can be annoying, and make our forehead break out, but hey – they look very high fashion!


8) Asymmetric Short

Just because you wanna get all short, doesn’t mean you have to get ALL short – it can get boring! Try asymmetry and leave it a little longer one 1 side – this way you can still braid it and have some fun!


9) Festival inspired Braids

Festivals are seasonal, festival hair are forever! Bohemian Hair style is something you can’t go wrong with, it’s trendy, romantic, retro, and grunge. You can style it in your own personalized way, and with lots of different details, such as feathers, beads, hair bands, etc.

festival hair chains 3.3

10) Dip Dye Do

If you’re feeling extra daring and experimental, go for a bright, edgy dip dye look! You can rock with medium hair, bob hair cut, or long hair of course.


11) Steel Blue or Metallic Hair

2015 is all about cool hair tones, but if you add the metallic shine to it, your hair will look even more silky and shimmery! Keep in mind that blue hair dye is very hard to wash out or remove, and if you’re not ready to commit, we definitely suggest a short-term temporary solution!


12) Infinite Messy Layers

This is a go-to hairstyle for all the messy, big-hair, volume & texture lovers out there! Whether you’re struggling with dull long hair that have no shape, or you simply want more volume for your flat hair at the top, this style will definitely add some character to your hair!


13) Ombre Bob

Ok, let’s say you have a bob hairstyle, or want it badly, but you’re afraid that’s it – there’s nothing else you can change once you go this short, and you don’t want a pixie cut that’s even shorter! You can experiment with colors! Nothing look more awesome than different hair dyes on shorter hair! Plus, if you just do ombre, you’ll a lot more likely prevent damage to your hair. Here are some cool ideas what you can do!


14) Half up hair

This is an awesome solution to knotting your hair and keeping to out of your face when you work, study, or just cause, but still having a nice long wave at the back! You can play with braids, top knots, buns, or pony tails, and even different colors to insert in this fun hairstyle!


15) Burgundy Plum Marsala hair

Marsala in the Pantone color of the year 2015! Which is why you’re probably seeing different shades of burgundy, plum, and dark purple ombre styles around on many trendsetters! It’s a dark, rich warm tone with a hint of cool shades, something between dark pink, red, and purple. It’s a very bold shade, but can be nicely implemented in your hair with a few lowlights, dip-dye effect, or balayage!


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