5 reasons why we all want Taylor Swift as a Godmother

We would always be Welcome to New York: and we would never feel alone, abandoned, and most of all – financially unstable. And happy, positive, optimistic – like her <3

New York Times Square


There’s not gonna be a lot of Blank space – just joyful colors, new experience every day, a lot of travelling, and presumably a free ticket to Victoria’s Secret fashion show…. Yes!

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Show


There’s no doubt we would ever get of out Style! Seeing Taylor’s always perfected hair, the ideal blonde shade, ultimate sense of high fashion that can still be worn in everyday manner, and makeup that is always to. the. point!



When we would have any problems, we could just Shake it off! Life goes on, so would we!



And as if all that isn’t enough, we would even continue into the Wildest dreams at night – because, hey! After days like that, who could sleep calmly? >-<

Blue night

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