Are Bangs In For Spring?

One good idea for your spring rejuvenation is to put on some bangs but of course you wouldn’t want to regret your decision. You might like some of this tips to get you going.

Lash grazing

lash grazing bangs

This type of bangs style was used by Taylor Swift. You have it trimmed to the eyelashes and angled down slightly at the temples which makes these bangs pack some power punch. They can add mystery and is the spotlight of the hairstyle. Dramatic as it is, the horizontal lines softens a heart shaped face. Since blunt fringe is heavy and adds width, it also flatters oval faces with thick textures.

If you have naturally curly hair bangs is a good thing for you, just determine how your hair is while they are dry so you will know exactly how they will fall. Blow dry using a round brush.

Make a statement

katy perry blue hair bangs

Have your bangs cut above the brow that are straight across fringe and ideal for round or square faces. After finishing with the blow dry, you can use a flat iron to give them edgy definition.

You might get into a little trouble (having your bangs cut too short) so you have to ask your hairstylist to trim them gradually. A quarter of an inch doesn’t matter if you are having your hair cut, but it’s a different story when it comes to bangs. Just ask your stylist to cut them longer at first then take them up in increments until you reach the perfect length.

Arched bangs

tyra banks bangs

A lighter and a more bohemian version of lash-skimming fringe, wherein the bangs are trimmed with a razor in two sections: one section that falls directly over the forehead, then longer layers on the sides that blend with the rest of the hair. This is a bangs style that is perfect for oval faces which expertly camouflages the forehead and corners of the eyes, where many women show the first signs of aging.

When you are styling your bangs, use the styling product into your hair first with your hands then you can use whatever is left on your bangs. When using a shine spray, mist it on your brush then comb through.

Parted bangs

parted bangs

Another way to wear your bangs is by parting them down in the middle. It keeps hair out of the way but still makes you attractive and others will focus on your beautiful eyes.

Side swept bangs


sideswept bangs

This is the non-bangs bangs which is more like a long sweeping hair that has the effect of a bangs. It creates a vertical line where the hair starts to swoop and thins a round face.

To top all these banging bangs idea is to add color to them, a great idea is to use hair chalk. You can use one shade to have an ombre look, or you can go bold and loud by using different colors on your bangs all at the same time. Using hair chalk will definitely give you that reborn look.

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