Armpit Hair Dyeing – Can You Pull This Off?

For all of our obsession with hair, there is one trend we never saw coming, and that is the women are coloring their underarms bright. All over social media sites, women are posting the effects of their decisions to be shave-free. And then, instead of displaying their actual armpit hair, they dye them in all kinds of fun colors.

Miley showing off her armpits

Miley showing off her armpits

Dyeing your underarm – can you pull this off? Yes, why not? It is certainly part of a different modern culture that is doing something unique, although many people choose to do it just for fun simply because they can. Most people who join the pastel hair trend opt to color their armpits to match it.

Off to a Whole New Level

If you decide to try this new trend, hair chalking is a fast and easy way to dye your armpit hair. It is also an affordable option, so you only need hair chalks and a bit of patience. The color normally fades with a couple of washes, just right if you want to have fun and play with it first. You can buy chalks at any art store, and most are originally designed for use by children, so safety is certain.

Nowadays, changing hair color on a regular basis is considered trendy and attractive. Therefore, people go for temporary hair dyes that wash in and out. This is also ideal for the hair in your underarms. Hair chalking is the way to go.

You may have those fun days when you wish to dye your armpit hair candy pink for a weekend party and want them natural again by Monday. It is possible with temporary hair chalks because they are meant for this purpose. People who like to change the color of their hair to match their outfit or armpit hair prefer these chalks, since they are removed easily in just a few washes.

In this day and age, you are free to choose any colors for your underarms to make a style statement. In case you are bored with your appearance, use daring tones to elevate your personal style. Try to change the hair color of your armpit using every color there is, as often as you like to create that stunning effect.

armpit hair color - are your brave enough?

armpit hair color – are your brave enough?

Things to Know When Dyeing Armpit Hair

  • Buy you hair chalks on a reputable store, since sidewalk chalks do not have enough pigment.
  • Clean your underarms first to wash off any chemicals from deodorant. You may as well skip using deodorant after chalking, so as not to bombard your underarms with a lot of toxins.
  • The more hair, the better.
  • Consider lying on the couch with your arms spread as a way to lessen muscle fatigue.
  • There is little hair on the underarms, so the chalk is likely to get everywhere. Minimize the mess by not using a brush.

Hair chalking is not just fun but hardly any side effects too. You can definitely pull this very new trend off, just like those brave ones who dare to face the odds.

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