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Welcome to our new section, the bloggers’ corner! Like every other young person, we enjoy reading good quality & positive blogs, and watching nice YouTube videos whenever time permits! We found several blogs being really cool & we decided to send* them over a few products that they said would like to try & introduce to their readers. Long story short, here they are, enjoying hair chalks, having a few laughs on the new crazy color, and throwing little “hairdressing parties” at the comfort of their own homes! We’re always happy to see satisfied users surprising us with their photos, and this page is a little Thank you from our part. So, thanks guys, and see you soon! ūüôā

Nia (Anita) from Barcelona is the¬†writer, model and photographer behind the blog¬†Style of Colours & she chose the Independence Set of 12 chalks. She started off with teal-turquoise shades on her ends to create a cool & subtle ombre’ effect. “I was extremely happy with the results and the colour. So much so I am considering doing an aqua ombre’ using semi-permanent dye.” she says. See her results below.

Anita -SOC3 Anita -SOC Anita -SOC2

Anita -SOC4




















Crystal Pham shared her hair chalking results on Luuux! She went ahead with a before-after, and went for Grey hair chalks¬†(our most popular set to this day) that gave her naturally black hair a slightly pink-purple-ish hue! In her own words: “I was really surprised at how pigmented the grey color showed up on my dark hair.”

luuux - crystalpham luuux - crystalpham2













Maria-Isabel is the lady¬†behind the Lifestyle/Variety blog called Agape Love Designs. She had some hair chalk fun indeed! She even included her lovely daughter for their “hair experiment”, so each 1 of them was able to try a different product, a Hair Pad & a Hair Chalk! She found the Red Hair Pad perfect for her, while she helped her daughter Kiah dye her hair temporarily Light Purple & Magenta Pink. What did she have to say? “I actually really like (and prefer) the hair color pads! The handle makes it easier to apply and less messy. The chalk pad is large and covers more hair in less time and you don’t need water to apply. And its also more ideal for dark hair like mine.” “Over all hair chalk is a very fun way to add temporary color to your hair!! My daughter loves it because she has been wanting to color her hair for a while now, but her school’s dress code won’t allow for “un-natural” hair color. With hair chalk, she can have fun hair color for the weekend and have the color washed out by Monday for school!”

Maria-Isabel Maria-Isabel - Kiah2


Maria-Isabel - Kiah

Blogger Maria Amanatidou is the name behind the Provocateur Magazine from Greece! She got seriously creative with our Hair Chalks! First, she didn’t only randomly apply just any color on her hair, but found her inspiration in dark purple evening sky! The chalks she used were Dark Pink, Rose Pink & Purple! As if that wasn’t enough, she even granted us with a lovely photo collage of her hair chalking journey!

Provocateur magazine


*Disclaimer: We did not send our products to the bloggers, asking them to write positive about us, nor did we send them money to advertise our brand. We always agreed with the bloggers to tell us & their readers their honest & unbiased opinion on our products.