Choosing the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect hair color has always been a challenge for most people. There seems to be varying opinions on what looks good. Plus, hair trends always change every season. Although it can be fun to play around with the hair and change it ever so often, there are always those certain shades that match one’s skin tone perfectly.

It is not just about playing with trends. It is also about taking into consideration one’s hair color, eye color, and lifestyle. This ensures that your hair color complements your skin tone. Here are some ways in finding the best hair color that matches your skin.

Find your Skin Tone


Determining the skin tone can be difficult. Most people are categorized into deep, warm, and cool tones. People with deep skin tone, such as Kerry Washington, have veins with a purple tint. They also have dark brown eyes.

Those with warm skin tones usually have hazel, green, or warm brown eyes. The veins have a green tint. For cool skin tones, their veins have a blue tint and their eyes can be blue, gray or deep brown like Cameron Diaz.

To find your skin tone, stand in natural light wearing neutral clothing and without makeup. Observe the natural hue of your skin. Does it have reddish, yellow, or greenish tones? Is it cool or more neutral?

Deep/Warm Skin Tone

Deep/Warm Skin Tone

For those with deeper skin color, dark auburn brown or deep brown can bring out the golden undertones in the skin. This hair color can be flattering for this skin tone.

Deep/Cool Skin Tone

Deep/Cool Skin Tone

This deep skin tone can be orangey. Go for violet-based reds or coffee browns to prevent your skin from becoming too orange.

Medium/Warm Skin Tone

Medium/Warm Skin Tone

If you want to go red, choose strawberry red. Warm blondes are perfect for those with warm skin tones. Avoid jet black hair and go for a brunette hair with brown highlights. This hair color can soften and brighten the face.

Medium/Cool Skin Tone


This skin tone is versatile and can work with various hair colors. Don’t go for colors that are too red. Auburn can work perfectly for this skin tone. Walnut brown or sandy hair colors.

Fair/Cool Skin Tone

Fair/Cool Skin Tone

For this skin tone, avoid golden shades. These colors can boost the redness in your skin which will make you look pink. Opt for richer shades with lowlights for depth in your hair. If you have a natural blonde hair, you can go platinum or ashy blonde to match your complexion. Cool bright reds also work perfectly for those with cool skin tones.

Fair/Warm Skin Tone


Fair/Warm Skin Tone

This skin tone has a lot of yellow which can be washed out by an ashy hair. Go for richer browns or honey to enhance your skin’s glow.

Stay in your Natural Color Range

This is a good rule of thumb when changing up one’s hair color. Pay close attention to your skin tone and natural hair color range. This enhances your skin tone while brightening up your face. Doing so complements your complexion. This also makes your skin and hair look healthier.

One reply on “Choosing the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

  • Maggie Allen

    I’m very fair with blonde hair, so it is really nice reading about the right shades that will make me look less red. It’s so interesting that bright red hair can work well with fair, cool skin, but a more golden color doesn’t. My hair is actually pretty golden blonde, so it might be a good idea for me to look into going a pit paler. Maybe I’ll try going platinum blonde!


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