Colombre – Another Cool Hair Color Craze for 2015

Vibrant colored hair does not mean being a rebel any more. Nowadays, rainbow hair can be seen on famous personalities and on the fashion runways. Take a look around and you can see a lot of color options with the most stylish rainbow hair look using the colombre technique.

Vibrant colors you can wear and maintain

vibrant colors you can wear and maintain easily

Colombre is the combination of the rainbow and ombre. This particular look lets you showcase bright, fun hair colors that are still mainstream enough to be completely wearable. It allows you to become more versatile and realistic in wearing rainbow colors. This look can cater to either side of your personality – the fun side and the serious side

For colombre, instead of dyeing the bottom part of your hair to a blonde tone, the mid-shaft toward the ends are changed into an artistic color of turquoise, pink, blue, purple, etc. It is not an overall rainbow effect such as sand art hair, but rather colombre has a more subtle style. It gives the top part of the hair a darker, natural shade with a steady shift right down to wonderful, creative color.

Get the Look

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soft pastel colored hair chalks


The following are steps needed to create your own colombre look using hair chalks. What you need are:

  • A set of soft pastel hair chalks
  • Rubber gloves
  • An old towel, t-shirt or a piece of cloth
  • A flat iron or curling iron
  • A clean paint brush
  • A spray bottle with water

Step 1: Get a bowl with water and a paint brush. You do not need plenty of water – the more water you use, the less vivid the hair chalks in your hair will be.

Step 2: Drape the towel or t-shirt around your neck to keep your clothes from getting chalk color.

Step 3: Spray a one inch portion of hair with water. You do not need to drench the entire strand, simply go as high up as you wish the color to be.

Step 4: Color on the hair with one of the pastels. Choose about three shades, and put them one by one in your hair. Begin with the lightest hue first, because the chalk can get all over the gloves and may get a mud version of the same color all throughout should you go from dark to light.

Step 5: Give some time for your hair to dry.

Step 6: Using the flat iron, work on each dyed strand, as it will set the colors in the hair, making it lasts longer. After that, brush and style.

By using hair chalks, the best thing about colombre is how the dye will continue to look attractive while it fades. And because the color is added into the bottom part of the hair, there is no root touch-ups to worry about. Whether you prefer to use one color or ten, it is the best creative hair trend if you are brave enough for it.


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