Denim Hair color – the NEW hair trend that will match your favorite jeans!

Denim hair color is a fairly new hair trend. At least, it’s only been recognized under this name a while ago. However, the shades should be more than familiar to you – we’re talking steel blue, silvery blue shades for those who wanna go lighter, or deep blue, indigo jeans, cosmic shades for the dark-haired!


Whom is denim hair dye most suitable for?

Denim hair trend is so versatile, which makes it a great opportunity for just everyone to try it out! There are a lot of different shades of denim, from super washed out, to indigo, so pretty much you’re free to go for it, whether you’re a blonde, or if your hair is quite dark. Even better, denim hair is all about a nice transition from (usually) dark roots to lighter ends, which makes is quite perfect for maintaining the color with a slight ombre look. This means great news because you can pamper your scalp a bit by not bleaching it, and also postpone a visit or two at your hair stylists’.

All the varieties of Denim hair trend

The possibilities are almost endless, but they all have a thing in common – an awesome steel metal look that will definitely make your hair pop out, and make you shine! So, in case your hair is already light enough, I would definitely recommend staying light because it’s a shame going too dark. In this case, go for a nice washed out denim look, with periwinkle roots, baby blue midshaft, and silvery white ends! If you’re a dark brunette, I’d go for cosmic blue roots, violet midshaft, and lilac ends, and so on… If you’re anywhere in between these 2, you can go for a real variety of choices 🙂

Achieving Denim hair result with temporary hair colors

Ok, so here’s the BIG plus in doing your Denim hair with temporary colors – blue pigments are naturally extremely strong (trust me, I’ve been there!). If this doesn’t bother you at all, ok; but usually people who go for blue hair are people who love to change their hair color every once in a while. This is very hard once you’re blue. Especially, the “green – turquoise” part in blue is the biggest problem, as the “red – purple” one tends to fade out faster. So, if you’re not ok to deal with teal/greenish hair, you should be fine with temporary blue for a while 🙂 The sets that contain most of denim style colors are SKY, LAVENDER, ICE, SEAFOAM, WINTER, or SMOKESTACK.

How to color your hair Denim style with hair chalks?

Denim hair is really easy to achieve with temporary colors, because you’ll get exactly the same effect as with permanent – sometimes even better, because let’s face it – it’s easier to smack on a few hair chalks than trying to be all careful with different dyes that aren’t suppose to mix, or stain anything else. here’s how you can DIY denim hair at home with temporary hair chalks:


STEP 1: prepare a water jar

STEP 2: detangle your hair well

STEP 3: decide on where you want to apply the chalks – just roots, just ends, everywhere, etc.. – depends on what color your hair is now

STEP 4: collect the right hair chalks – I recommend Baby blue, Lilac, Dark blue, Ultramarine, Turquoise, Mint, Purple, Indigo, Silver, Aqua blue, White or Grey

STEP 5: start chalking! – you can see how it’s done in the video below

STEP 6: brush through entire hair to dry the chalk, blend the colors, and get rid of any residue

STEP 7: flat iron / curl your hair, or spray it to set in the colors

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