How to Dip Dye your hair ?

So, what’s a Dip Dye?

A hair dip dye is when you just dye the bottom part of your hair, that is the hair ends, or just the lowest part of your hair if your hair is somehow shorter. The point of dip dye hair is that you only have a part of your hair died differently, preferably in a contrast color. It’s kinda similar to Ombre hair style but less subtle. Dip dye hair gives you a nice dramatic line between your hair and died ends. Dip dye hair trend has gained its popularity in recent years, and has been rocked to the perfection by many trend-setters and A-list celebs! With other words,


What will you need?

  • A plastic container,
  • water,
  • a fork,
  • and your favorite hair chalk!

Brush your hair!

Detangle your hair, especially the ends, thoroughly so that there are no knots & tangles. Your hair needs to be smooth, soft and nice.


Start Dipping!

You’ll want to pour water in your container, sink the chalk inside, and dissolve it into an even colored liquid. Help yourself with a fork to squish the chalk. Now all you have to do is decide at what length of hair you want to begin with your color, and dip your hair in container up to that point!

Enjoy your fashion show hair look!

EXTRA TIP: if you want to use your own color combination, or even want to achieve a new color that you don’t have, simply mix 2 or more hair chalks in water, and dissolve them together – you can easily mix them into a NEW color!


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