Dye your hair your favorite drink!

Among numerous hair trends filling up our daily social media feeds, we decided to come with our very own one! Maybe you’ll want to connect your love for liquor with your love for hair dying. Or maybe, you can really have liquor, and you’ll settle for only hair dyes instead! Whatever the reason, find our fave’ cocktail hair ombre’ inspo below! 🙂

1. STEP:

Choose your drink & check for 2 or 3 base colors inside it – see if there’s any ombre’ effect, or just harsh lines. Now grab the chalks of same colors!

2. STEP:

Start at the top of your hair (roots) & rub the first color into your hair. The first color should be the one on top of your cocktail. You should first wet the chalk stick under tap water, and rub it all over hair. Try wetting the stick after each time you rub it.

3. STEP:

With the next color, overlay the previous one a bit & continue downwards (you’ll create a nice cocktail ombre’ effect).

4. STEP:

Finish with the bottom (hair ends). Now, brush through entire hair to blend the colors even more 🙂

If hairchalks were cocktails

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