Easter-inspired hair color tutorial – how to dye your hair Easter bunny!

Easter is coming soon, and instead of buying loads & loads of eggs to decorate them, I’ve instead opted for decorating my hair Ester style this year!


DISCLAIMER: all looks in this article have been achieved with hair chalks entirely πŸ™‚

Easter Hair Tutorial

Easter colors are usually all about happy shades – rainbow or pastel tones, with a lot of yellow & white. My hair is bleached pretty light (in some parts almost looks white?). That’s why I decided on trying out temporary hair chalks in:


You can take any color for this really, MintΒ would also work great, or White, Spring Apple, Red, Silver, Limy yellow, or Vibrant Yellow


Things you’ll need:

  • hair chalks, obviously
  • water jar
  • hair spray
  • detangling brush
  • flat iron / curling wand (optional)


Step by step – how to dye your hair for Easter!

  1. Brush thoroughly through your hair to detangle them – this will prepare a nice base to apply chalk on because the hair should be as smooth as possible, otherwise chalks will tangle them a bit
  2. Make sure your hair is free of any residue oils, wax or anything greasy – chalks work better with textured hair, not super sleek
  3. Take all the hair chalks you want to see on your hair – I opted for shades that seem typical “Easter” to me but you can take any really πŸ™‚
  4. Take a hair strand – I usually start at the bottom, dip a hair chalk in water (not entirely, half a stick will do, other half can remain dry so you can hold it normally), and rub / glide it onto your strand
  5. Repeat with other fun colors, like Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Baby blue, Lilac, etc..
  6. When you’re done, brush through your hair with the detangler – this will dry your damp hair, and usually I don’t even need to reach out after a blow dryer! Also, the brush will leave your hair soft and the colors will blend together so nicely!
  7. In the end, you can put on a little hair spray, and style your hair as you would like πŸ™‚




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