Fun Hair Color Ideas for Summer

For most girls, changing of season does not only mean wardrobe changes but hairstyle and even drastic hair color changes as well. This is totally understandable as summer has always been the perfect time to go crazy and have lots of fun under the sun. And with the sun shining brightly as ever, it is definitely the perfect time to use the sun to complement your hair color.

Are you willing to try new hair color styles this summer? Or are you still scared to let anyone touch your virgin hair? Who told you that you need to make any drastic hair treatments and soaking solution to give your hair a new color?

If you still think that dying is your only option for summer, then you probably have not encountered hair chalks, color hair sprays, and all the other types of temporary hair coloring available in the market today. With all these options, there is just no excuse to have a boring hair this summer. To help you search for that perfect fun hair color to sport this summer, here are a few fabulous ideas:

Subtle Highlights

subtle highlights

subtle red highlights on brown hair

Could be considered the safest one among this bunch, hair highlights are always a hit regardless of season. It is versatile yet gives that much needed difference to erase the plain boring hair look to a fab hair. As what experts say, sometimes all that a girl needs to transform her face is a slight hair color contrast.

As for the hair style, luckily, subtle highlights work well on both short pixie hair and long wavy hair so this is really the foolproof hair color style to try if you still are not ready for the bolder summer hair colors in this list.

Ombre Blonde

blonde ombre

beach-ready blonde ombre

Blonde has always been a summer favorite and it will probably stay that way for as long time. Ombre hair color style has been a great hit because it is low maintenance and because of the long list of color selections.

Despite being a low maintenance hair color for summer which should let you literally do anything you want, style is not in any way sacrificed. This is perfect for those who have a couple of planned out-of-country travels for the summer and wants to be perfectly runway and beach ready.

Dip-Dyed Ends

dip dyed ends

deep raspberry pink dip dyed ends

There used to be the ombre hair color style which was a total hit for those who were bored with highlights. Dark brown to light brown and black to silver gray were the popular color choices. But since it is summer why not add a pop of summer color with dip-dyed ends?

Regardless of your hair color, you can choose your current summer color favorite and ask your hair stylist to dip dyed the ends of your hair with that color. Think of mahogany or caramel brown hair with raspberry pink or lavender ends. It can only translate to fab.

Faded Blue

faded blue hair

faded blue the color of the pool

Have you seen Jamie King and her faded blue hair fashion? It is a straight-up fashion worthy hair color that gives the face a fresh look. Do you know what’s the best thing about this hair color? You can skip a trip to the hair salon and get yourself some blue hair chalks instead.

This is especially helpful especially for those who want to get summer hair color crazy on their adventures but does not need a screaming frozen blue hair color for their office meetings.

Pale Pretty in Pink

pastel pink hair

cool pastel pink

Pastel trend is in high alert this summer so if you want a feminine color that rocks then pale pink should be your choice. We have seen Katy Perry sport this color style with her blonde hair and it was gorgeous!

While all these ideas are summer picture perfect, there will be some who are scared of permanent hair colors for various reasons. If you can bear a permanent pink hair color, you can always go for hair chalks and other temporary hair colors to make your summer  hair uber fabulous.


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