Going from Blonde to Black – Inspired by Kim Kardashian

Ever had that bad hair day? When you decided to be adventurous and stake out a new look but then it came out hilarious, haunting and horrible. That was what happened to Kim Kardashian as she tried to pull off a platinum hair a la Madonna style.

kim kardashian blonde

Kim K caused a media fuzz as she debuted her rocking platinum blonde at the front row of Balmain to support her half-sister Kendall Jenner in the runway. She later claimed that being blonde is a full time job and decided to get a salon appointment and changed back to her glossy shade of beautiful black hair.

Kim Kardashian is back to black hair.

The thing about brunettes turning blonde is the amount of bleach applied to your hair that eventually results to damaged and fried hair. But fret not, there is one way to quickly switch from any hair color you like, from deep purple, seaweed green to fiery red, sunny yellow, and to the new color trend granny grey – use hair chalk.

Chalk It Up

Chalk for the board, now chalk for the hair. This is a hair coloring option that goes beyond miles. An excellent alternative to temporary dyes but still gives you the oomph! The good thing about hair chalk is that it works in any hair color. In comparison to semi-permanent dyes wherein you need to bleach your hair light enough for the color to show up, hair chalk is applied by rubbing it into your hair.

hair chalk

Imagine quickly switching from shade to another without the pungent smell of chemical bleach and dyes, no more waiting for long hours for the chemicals to take effect, and more importantly no damage to your beautiful, healthy hair.

You can be Kim Kardashian, to Pink, to Katy Perry with the snap of your fingers with these easy steps:

  1. Get the chalk you want, they are also known as pastels. These are safe and non-toxic chalks (suitable for kids) that are individually wrapped to protect it from breaking.
  2. Prepare a towel, plastic cape, a hair clip, hair spray and a jar of water.
  3. Spray some water on a strand of your hair, then slide and draw the chalk into a downward motion, do this for several times until you get your desired shade.
  4. Get the flat iron and let it dry the colored strand.
  5. Repeat the cycle 3 and 4.

You can do an ombre look, different shades or from roots to tips. Here are some more information that might be helpful to you as you enjoy your hair chalk.

how to use hair chalk

  • If you want to use soft pastel chalk, be sure not to use oil pastels
  • It can be applied to all hair types and colors; redheads, blondes, brunettes and without using bleach or dyes
  • There are brands that are hyper pigmented that are specifically intended for hair.
  • You should moisten your hair before applying chalk if you have a dark mane.
  • On the other hand, if you have a blonde hair you do not have to moisten it.
  • When applying the chalk, try to twist your hair, rub the chalk in and around it, small strands at a time.
  • Want it to be more fun and attractive? Use it with styles like braids, fishtails, buns, waves and more.
  • When you are going to wash off the chalk, try to comb out as much chalk as you can while it is still dry.

hair chalk results

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