Good Girls Can Also Have Wild Color Fun, Take It From Kacey

You know that there is an all out craze when even normally tame celebrities follow the trend, like country singer Kacey Musgrave who was not able to resist the allure of lavender locks.

Kacey is hip for country but she still maintains primness by keeping a pretty conservative hairstyle, with her tresses dark with some minor hints of highlights most of the time. But the lavender locks, which echo the color of the pink unicorn that Kacey posted a while ago in her Instagram, proved to be too much of a temptation for the singer to say no to.


Kacey is not the only one to give in to this candy colored persuasion. Kelly Osbourne, who had initially been in the spotlight for her bright pink hair days when she was still appearing on her family reality tv show The Osbourne’s, had been pretty safe in her hair color choices since she shifted to a more mature image.

But when lavender came into fashion, Kelly batted no eyelash and shredded her golden locks to go back to her teen rockstar colored roots, although no one can dispute that she styled it with so much elegance, it seemed that it could actually be worn during corporate board meetings. Demi Lovato, who had initially stated she would give her hair a break, also signaling a calming down of image, begged off her hair color celibacy due to the seduction of the variant purple .

This only goes to show that wild hair colors are no longer just the domain of the uber trendy, outrageously experimenting fashionistas or rebellious, statement-making hipsters. Good girls can have so much fun too, especially with the revolutionary hair color technology of hair chalks!

Common misgivings about coloring one’s hair are the following:

  • It takes too much time in the salon or too messy to die on your own
  • Risking damage to one’s hair due to chemicals involved
  • Drastic shift in your image if you are choosing bright pastel colors because the color sticks to your hair until it grows long enough to cut

These are all resolved by hair chalks. Coloring your hair with hair chalks is so easy that it even feels fun and artful. You are like an artist painting your hair, carefully choosing which strands and length to color. The coloring is in your control and according to the style you want. Your scalp and hair are not exposed to strong, corrosive chemicals that leave your hair dry and dull.

And best of all, the color is washable. You can have an adventurous rainbow-colored hair weekend, then wash and shampoo everything off by the start of your workweek or school week. You can have that fantasy fairy look you have always wanted for going out or partying, and then shed the color off when you already have to go back to normal life.

And here are our hair chalk sets is various shades of purple!

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There is no more excuse! Give in to your whimsy, wear a yummy candy lavender color, live more and express yourself with hair chalks!

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