Hair Chalk For Dark Hair and Other Things You Need To Know About Your Hair

Girls all around the world consider their hair as their crowning glory. They take care of their hair more than any other part of their body. This is the main reason why there are a lot of products made just to make sure that the demands for a perfect and eye catching hair would be addressed.

Hair chalk is one of these products. Hair chalk is a chalk made specifically for hair. It is made of different colors and usually used by girls for parties or just their everyday fashion statements. However, using hair chalk improperly can lead to some hair and fashion problems.

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With that in mind, it is important that women know facts about their hair, how to properly take care of it, and how to use hair chalk that will not damage their hair in any way. Below are some facts about hair and hair chalk that women should know about.

Are you part of these trendsetters trying out hair chalk? Then the following facts and procedures are for you.

Fact 1: Your hair is made of a tough protective protein called keratin.

Keratin is the outer, natural protective layer of each hair strand. There are a lot of products that help increase your hair’s keratin like conditioners and moisturizers. These are perfect companions to help complement your hair’s natural toughness.

What happens to the Keratin in your hair when you apply hair chalk?

When properly applied, hair chalk helps and complements your hair’s keratin by adding another layer of protective coating. It is a fashion statement and a protection to your hair as well.

Fact 2: Hair chalk can be used on all hair colors.

Hair chalk can be used on all hair colors. From dark hair to light hair, hair chalk can work wonders. But it is always necessary to follow the proper procedures when dealing with hair and hair chalk.

What is the proper procedure when using hair chalk on dark hair?

  1. Wet hair. The color of the hair chalk will only come out if both the hair and the chalk are wet during its application. Wet hair before doing anything else.
  2. Apply hair chalk. Apply hair chalk while the hair is wet. Make sure that you line up and plan the colors that you will be using. For dark hair, vibrant colors like that of red, purple, violet and blue come out best. Make sure to use the tip of the hair chalk, rather than the side, for easier application.
  3. Air-dry your hair. It is important that your hair breathes in the color naturally. Blow drying your hair after application of the hair chalk would only damage your hair follicles and the natural keratin on your hair.
  4. Iron hair for a shiny finish. To make sure that your hair will look shiny, iron your hair and make sure that you focus on the ends with the hair chalk. This brings out your hair’s natural shine and the color of the hair chalk.

Fact 3: Washing hair with conditioner is important to keep its natural glow.

Washing hair is important as it keeps it glow and strength. There are a lot of hair problems that are affiliated with improper hair washing. Using a shampoo, at most 4 times a week and a conditioner daily is the best way that you can take care of your hair.

What can you do to take care of your hair after using hair chalk?

After using hair chalk, it is important to wash hair properly and use a conditioner. Other than the typical conditioner regimen, there are other types that you can do to properly take care of your hair after using hair chalks.

  • Putting oil on hair after a long day makes sure that the hair is properly nourished and ready for the coming day. Hair has natural oils that need to be complimented properly
  • Combing hair and brushing with at least 100 brush strokes make sure that the individual hair strands will get the care that they need. Before going to bed or while doing any other tasks, hair brushing should be done daily.
  • Staying in a cold place, after a long day of being in the humid heat of the sun and exposure to the sun of hair with hair chalk, enables the hair to adjust properly and prevents it from turning brittle.
  • Trim your hair at least once every two months. Do you want long hair? Then it is important that you trim your hair to make sure that you prevent split ends and hair problems that comes with it.

Final Word

Now that you know some things about your hair and how to properly take care of it when using hair chalk, it is important to know that whatever the length of your hair, whatever hair color, there is a proper hair chalk color for you. What you only need to do is to make sure that you do not become sloppy in taking care of your crowning glory.

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