Why Are Hair Chalks Better than Hair Dyes? TOP 3 Myths about hair chalks Revealed!

Hair Chalks are basically solid hair dyes with less hold on hair and much less damage. This is just one of the things that people say about hair chalks when it comes to the inevitable task of comparing hair chalks and hair dyes.

As much as there is some truth to that, there are also some myths about hair chalks that need to be challenged and clarified so girls know what they are up to when working with hair chalks. Why are hair chalks better than hair dyes? There are three main myths and below are the truths about them.


Myth Number 1: Hair Chalks are just hair dyes for a day.

Fact: While it might be true that hair chalks washes off after two to three washes, it is a fact that hair chalks are not hair dyes for a day. High quality hair chalks washes off after 2 to 3 washes. Hair chalks are not created to be semi permanent but they are mainly for parties, events and just for fun dates. Girls just want to have fun and hair chalks give girls exactly that.


Myth Number 2: Hair Chalks require a lot of hair care when used.

Fact: There is a certain standard operating procedure that girls follow every day. When hair chalk is used, on the other hand, girls should, of course, put on more conditioner and shampoo as instructed by the hair chalk enthusiasts. In short, the amount of care is the same, what changes is the fact that there is hair chalk on your hair and that’s it!


Myth Number 3: Hair Chalks is for high fashion

Fact: While it is true that people on the fashion industry use hair chalks for some shows, hair chalks are made primarily for girls everywhere to have fun and have the greatest time of their lives. It is important that girls are able to express themselves through their everyday fashion statement and this is what hair chalk actually does.


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