Hair Color Ideas for Dark hair

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Ombre hair technique

I’m quite sure you guys already know more & less what Ombre Hair is, but just in case – it’s a special technique, where you carefully apply, usually 3 or even more shades, onto your hair. The effect is supposed to be subtle gradient of color, with usually the darkest being at the very roots of your hear, at the head crown section, and the lightest at the ends. Although you can also opt for a so-called reverse-ombre, which is – just like the word says – reversed, with the lightest part being your roots & the darkest being your ends! The point is that the shades are supposed to nicely transition into one-another, with no harsh edges. This should give you a cool natural glow, and postpone doing your roots for a couple of weeks 😉 I definitely suggest checking out hair chalks first, to get a hint of what suits you best.


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Baby Ombre a.k.a. Balayage hair technique

So what this basically does to your hair, is just a slight Ombre effect, a lot less of a transition, even more natural & neutral, with much less dying job. The best part is, it works great with applying darker or lighter shades from your current hair color, and it will always look natural. You apply it very freely, a little on top of your head, and all the way down, but always unevenly – think of highlights that go wrong – very uneven! 🙂 Take a glance of my selection of shades that will work best for this option:


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Good old highlights for Brunettes

Highlights are not something that’s very easy to achieve at home or to simply diy, because a lot of times you need a bird’s eye view, more than 2 hands, a cap, and quite a lot of patience. There are simply too many holes to be done inside that cap, and a little too much aluminium foil to be used 😉 But, fortunately you can always use hair chalks! It’s actually surprisingly easy to highlight your dark hair using hair chalks, because you need no foil, no cap, and no worries – cause, yes – they are super easy to apply, totally hair-friendly and you can always rinse them out when you get sick of your color! For chemical-free, vegan hair chalks you can check by clicking HERE.

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Try some lowlights!

Ok, so you’re a brunette but I think you can still rock some nice lowlights if you’re not yet ready to go any lighter. Keep in mind that you don’t need to stick to basic natural shades if you wanna go a little out of your comfort zone! Best practices on dark hair are definitely burgundy, hot pink, dark purple, or dark red hair dye. If you’re still considering, and aren’t really ready to comit, I have the perfect solution – grab yourself a nice piece of chunky hair chalk and start creating! You’ll be surprised by how many ideas you will get once you get a hold of these! Are you a midnight blue kinda gal? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Check out some special colors I’ve picked out for you:


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Edgy Dip Dye – in your face!

A dip dye technique is a very harsh, no gradient Ombre hair style, with usually a straight line between just 2 shades of hair color. It has no transition colors, so it looks very edgy, and a bit out there – in a positive way! 🙂 For this style you can totally go for neutral shades but some crazy colors will also look awesome! I definitely recommend trying out some Pink, Orange, Yellow, or Light Green to shake it up a little, and if you’re a weekend party animal that cannot come to work on Monday, wearing neon bright on your hair, no fuss, there’s a lot of hair chalk shades that will look just as amazing, with an extra bonus of going away quickly, and not damaging your hair! Wearing each color with the White underneath will make it pop even more, and be more visible!

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