Hair Color Ideas for Fair skin

People with very light complexion are often a little worried about what hair colors they can “afford”, what shades of hair dye would still look good on them. Just like very tanned people have some shades that definitely suit them better, fair people have them too! Let’s take a look at some common questions & ideas! I chose 2 a little more conservative hair shades for each eye color, and 2 bolder ones 🙂

Permanently Fair complexion or just winter time?

So, first you need to decide if you wanna go permanently into a new hair color, or just temporarily. If it’s just the winter season & colder period of the year that’s giving you traumas about desired hair color, you may consider just a few highlights, or even just a toner for your hair. Even better, you might not have to damage your hair 1 bit! A very easy, hair-friendly, and even cheap alternative are hair chalks! You can basically decide upon new hair color each day! How awesome is that? If you, however, want something more permanent, and consequently more damaging, there’s always real hair dye, bleach, developers,, and other chemicals, that are suggested for salon use mostly.

What hair colors will look awesome if you have dark eyes?

If your eyes are chocolate brown, dark green, or hazelnut, but you still have very fair skin, you can reach out for bright tones for your hair! They will bring out the color of your eyes but still won’t fight your natural complexion. What you should try (click on color names to see an easy & simple option how to color your hair with no damage!):


What hair dye to try if your eyes are blue, green or grey?

So, you’re saying you’re an all-light & fair natural beauty? Well, there are some great hair shades for you to rock as well! You’ll surprisingly look very cool with dark hair shades as well as some typical light classics. Let’s have a look (click on color names to see an easy & simple option how to color your hair with no damage!):


What is your skin undertone?

This question is just as important as what is your complexion, if not more! Your skin undertone means warm or cool, rosy or honey, yellow or olive, etc. And usually certain hair shades, makeup, or even clothes will suit you upon this rather than complexion. I would say that if you have either olive, yellowish or just simply warm undertone (you can check that at the local drugstore and they will help you determine your undertone for a certain foundation, etc.), you can pretty much hit it will any hair color, being warm or cool. If, however, you’re more of a buff, rosy, ivory type, you might wanna consider warm hair tones, such as chocolate, red, honey, golden, or more daring hot pink, raspberry, purple, etc…

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