Hair Color Pads: Instant Hair Dye On-the-Go!

Going back to school is really exciting but it can also be stressful when it comes to deciding what your look is going to be.

Back to school is all about first impressions and in order for you to leave a strong one, have a unique look and awesome personality that everyone you meet will remember. A great way for you to do that is by getting a bold or subtle but beautiful hair color.

hairpad (1)

If you don’t want to permanently dye your hair or if you want to change your hair color often, then no worries because hair chalks will do the job.

We have a new product line called hair color pad is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s very easy to use and it wouldn’t take you long which makes it perfect for students who we all know have very tight schedules.

Applying it to your hair is really easy and you can do it in no time. Before you head out to class, try out a new beautiful hue. This revolutionary improvement in hair chalks is very convenient because you can just place your hair in between the pads, and run them down several times just like when you’re combing.

Easy-peasy right? Of course don’t forget to wet your hair before applying if you want to achieve a vibrant color and use blow-dry.

Hair color pads are just like hair chalks but more convenient and easier to apply. You can now save time and money by skipping that visit to the hairdresser. The best thing about them is that they are very washable.

So if you decided to be a mermaid on your first week at school, you can just use a clarifying shampoo to strip the colors away when you again decide to be something else or to go back to being au naturelle.

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