Hair Snowlights – next BIGGEST hair trend for winter!

What are Snowlights & why are they so trendy?

Snowlights are icy white highlights on your wheat blonde hair. Unlike many other hair trends of the moment (Lottie Tomo’s Rainbow roots, shiny Glitter roots, or Macaroon color meltdown), Snowlights are very subtle, natural & monochrome.


If you’d like to spice up your blonde hair (or even brown for that matter!) for winter time & get rid of extra brassiness, this is an awesome, not too invasive way to go! If you like cool toned blonde colors but don’t want to fully commit to eternal grey & silver because it takes time, money & nerves, Snowlights are that perfect in-between shades. Not too beige, not too ashy. And honestly, what better time to try out a few extra icy white highlights than in icy cold winter time?


How to achieve the hair Snowlights effect?

Work in small sections (strands) & don’t over do it

Don’t get all crazy once you have your color / bleach mixed – less is more when it comes to lowlights/highlights.

Color your ends & hair around your face

It will look nicer if your scalp remains a little warmer & darker color – you know just like the good ol’ ombre 🙂

Now for the bad part – you’ll need bleach

If you want your blonde hair to be permanently any lighter & whiter, you’ll need that bleach & it WILL damage your hair. You’re working with your ends here that already are the most damaged part of your head (hey, they’ve been there for the longest!) + it’s hard for the ends to get all good nutrients because they’re so far away from the scalp. Best case: your ends will be lifeless & will lack shine. Worst case: they will just snap off & you’ll be forced to go a little shorter. But, we do have an alternative – read below.

How can I do this with hair chalks & what are the pluses of it?


You don’t have to commit

Hair chalks are only temporary hair dyes, so you can easily use them to test out any hair color for a day or 2, before going permanent!

If you don’t like it, it washes right off!

Hair chalks wash off easily with water & shampoo, so if you messed up or just don’t like it, there won’t be any harm done.

It’s all natural & won’t damage your hair

Hair chalks are made of talc, minerals & natural oils, so there’s absolutely no fear of any damage being done to your hair.


STEP 1: take your chalks or pads, unwrap the chalks from plastic wrap & prepare a water jar. I went for Blonde, White, Silver, and Dark Beige chalk on this one, together with White Hair pad!


STEP 2: dip the chalks in water & apply the wet chalk to your hair, re-dip for each application


STEP 3: brush through your hair, set in with hair spray (optional) & you’re all set!


NOTE: you don’t need to dip the hair pad into water, it will deposit color on its own!


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