Hair Style Trends All Set For Summer

Summer is coming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just change your hair color from apple green for one week, and then switch to bubblegum pink the next? Of course you can, by using the best option, which is hair chalk.

Hair chalks are fun, temporary and inexpensive way to give a fresh look to a dull-looking hair. Most of all, these chalks do not damage the hair, no matter how much or how many times you will be coloring your hair with them.You may need help in choosing the right color combinations for your hair, based on the popular trends this time of the year. Here are some amazing ideas to choose from:

One Tone Look

Raspberry Pink Hair Tips

One Tone Look

If you are a newbie at hair chalking and would like to keep it simple, choose a single color. Pick a color that is distinctly visible on your hair, or opt for the one that complements your outfit. By deciding to color just the lower tips of your hair, you can create an attractive dip-dyed look, which is an absolute fashion trend these days.

Black And Teal Hair

Black And Teal Hair

Two Tone Hair Color

Chalking your hair by using two colors is an excellent way to add depth to it. The two colors should be part of the same color family, or complement each other well. You can combine a lighter shade of red with deep ginger. You can also use two different colors such as dark brown and platinum blonde, black and pastel blue, violet and pastel pink, and many others.

Chalking Ideas for Short Hair

Red Highlights On Warm Auburn Hair

Chalking Ideas for Short Hair

Hair chalks are perfect for experimenting. You may opt for more subtle or contrasting tones, based on the natural color of your hair and your hairstyle. The latest crazes are shades of turquoise, pink, red and blue. Chalk only the front tuft of your hair or just the spiked parts, and it would totally add drama to your look.

Yellow And Blonde With Shades Of Brown

Yellow And Blonde With Shades Of Brown

Shading and Highlights

Hair chalk makes shading light hair very easy. You only need to fade the chalk wherever necessary. If you want simple but striking highlights, use bright colors, and then color just a few twisted hair strands. However, if you wish for a more punk rock look, apply as many matching shades as you want.

If you have dark hair, slightly wet your hair in order for the color to show visibly and stay longer. But for light hair, you do not need to dampen the hair before chalking because it may stain the hair for the following days.

Rainbow Hair Craze

Edgy Hair Chalking Ideas

If you would like to take chalking to the cutting edge of hair fashion, go for coloring your hair in nontraditional ways. Layer the hair chalks in horizontal stripes as an alternative to the typical vertical styles. Or, you may chalk your bangs, while leaving the rest of your hair as it is.

Hair chalks is about having a good time coloring your hair, without having to worry about damaging it. Make sure to dust off any excess residue of the chalk from each twisted hair stand, so it will not stain your clothes. Now, you are ready for summer!

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