How to get a real St. Patrick’s inspired temporary Green hair?

As the big St. Patrick’s day is slowly approaching, I couldn’t help but thinking of green hair this year! To be honest, green hair was never my go-to color, because in comparison to all the blue, lilac & pink shades, green, orange or yellow didn’t appeal to me as typical “hair” colors. However, seeing a couple of really nice green shades over the past year, like Kylie Jenner’s lovely pastel pistachio green, made me re-think my “conservative” self ๐Ÿ™‚


DISCLAIMER: all looks in this article have been achieved with hair chalks entirely

Also, green hair doesn’t have to necessarily mean dying your entire head – you can go easy at first. Plus, there are some things you absolutely need to know before going green!

A few facts about green hair dye


  • it is extremely hard to wash out – the hardest actually
  • it will probably take another bleaching job to completely cancel the green out of blonde
  • if you’re hair is darker, you can try canceling it out with extra red because they’re complementary colors
  • your hair will definitely not pass unnoticed!
  • green looks awesome on dark hair – just as a highlighting color on your ends
  • most desirable green shades for hair are usually dark deep forest green, or light bright neon green


Permanent green vs temporary green

So, after you’ve known all the facts about washing out green hair dye, you might think againif the permanent is the way to go in this case. In my opinion, green is much like blue or violet hair – it’s usually not something (at least to me), you wanna rock 3 years or so. I’m all about changing a lot, and I’m not sure if I want to re-bleach my hair just because – green ๐Ÿ™‚


I definitely went for temporary green over the weekend, though! And it was so much fun! I surely put out my inner Irish self, and felt completely ready to grab a Kilkenny & start partying for St. Paddy’s! Best thing? Green hair color will only hold up until my next hair washing, or 2 at most – because, let’s face it, not everyone is working at a cool pub ๐Ÿ™‚


What effects can you try out with Green hair chalks?

  • full head painting with 1 color – in this case I recommend Green Bay to achieve that nice toned-down deep forest green hair look (for full head looks it’s easier to work on wet / damp hair, not dry)
  • full head with ombre transitions – you can go for Green Bay on roots & Spring Apple on ends, or add some Frozen Mint in between (midshaft) for extra gradient
  • a reverse ombre – go from Spring Apple on your roots to Green Bay on the ends
  • do you wanna hide your regrowth until your next dye job? Just color your roots darker with Green Bay & leave your ends natural / as they are
  • or, you can only color your ends with one, or both colors alternating
  • you can test out entire head Spring Apple highlights & Green Bay lowlights
  • just color your bangs Spring Apple if your hair is dark, and Green Bay if you’re a blonde
  • do a transition from left to right with bothย colors
  • peek-a-bo lights with Green Bay underneath your hair


How to achieve cool St. Patrick’s green hair with just hair chalks?

STEP 1: assemble things you’ll need (water jar, Spring Apple & Green Bay hair chalks, detangler, hair spray, flat iron / curling wand – optional)

STEP 2: detangle your hair well with a brush

STEP 3: unwrap all the chalks you’ll need (1 stick for full head if your hair is short)

STEP 4: dip the chalk in water & rub it onto your hair – repeat approx. every 3 “rubs”

STEP 5: when you’re done, you can straighten or curl your hair – this will set in the chalks so you don’t need to extra hair spray it, otherwise just spray your hair a little and you’re all set for a happy & lucky St. Patrick’s! ๐Ÿ˜€


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