How to make your hair look like Hilary Duff’s in 3 easy steps!

1) Dissolve 1-3 (or more, depending on your hair length & volume!) minty / teal hair chalks in warm tap water inside a plastic/metal/glass container and steer it well with a fork so it forms a completely even & homogeneous liquid.


2) If the container is large enough, dip your whole head in it, if not – just start applying the colorful liquid with hands, or hair dying brush, until your whole hair is covered in mint color.


3) Grab some blue chalks, and either dip dye color your hair (just the ends), do some lowlights, or color up single strands of hair, like doing balayage technique! Using 2 or more different shades of blue / teal hair chalk you’ll create more depth & texture to your hair!


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