Hyper-color Hair – what is it & how to achieve the NEW Trend everyone is going for!

Hyper-color Hair – do you dare?

First things first, what exactly is hyper color? It is a very, extremely colorful combination on your hair. It’s basically dying your hair different vivid colors – not pastels, not metallic but very bright & fully saturated. The thing is, these colors are not all the same, which makes it a true challenge for you or your hair stylist to achieve a good result. Also, for orange, yellow, or bright pink, it will be very difficult to show up unless you have previously bleached your hair. It will be somehow easier for darker green, red, or blue shades.


Also, as you can probably imagine by now, this is a highly “in your face” trend, not leaving anything to imagination. It’s ideal for those who aren’t afraid of showing off a little & just show up in front of people with some crazy hair 🙂

I totally loved this style once it came out & decided I NEED to try it out with hair chalks! Because, being stuck with all these colors on your head over a longer period is not for everyone, also maybe it’s right for you, yet not everybody has an option to just dye their hair whatever shade & show up at work like that. Plus, can you imagine trying to wash all that rainbow out of your hair…


Hyper-color Hair – Plan B!

Not only did I wanna test the whole thing out with hair chalks because I didn’t want to commit – but I thought it would be a great solution for all of you out there that are in the same position. Maybe you just can’t dye your hair crazy colors because of your family, or your job, or maybe you just love to change up your hair very often & don’t want to re-bleach & damage them each time. Whatever your reason is, hair chalks are a good alternative to a permanent or even demi-permanent dye, because they’re 1 time wear (or at least until you wash them out with a shampoo), they do not damage your hair or skin at all, and are so quick & easy to use! Can you imagine how complicated it is to keep all the wet strands, soaked in smelly hair dyes, separated from one-another so they don’t mix? Better yet, they don’t necessarily have to be an alternative – hair chalks are ideal if you just wanna test out how the shades suit you, and after that go for the real thing 🙂


How to achieve Hyper-color Hair with no chemicals?

STEP 1: Section your hair & prepare the chalks and water

You don’t need to section them flawlessly – it’s just for an easier application, no biggy if they mix. Chalk your hair somewhere near the sink where you can tap water, or make sure to have a water jar on hand 🙂


STEP 2: Work in strands but jump from one part to another

To avoid awkward changing from 1 color chalk to another in between every strand, just chalk all those strands you want to have say yellow with Vibrant Yellow, and only then move to a new color. This will be less messy 🙂

mint hair chalk

STEP 3: Take the 2nd color, and 3rd, and so on…

Now you’re all ready for a new color, i.e. Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple… options are endless! Remember to always dip the chalk in water before applying the color to your hair. Dip & rub, dip & rub… Rub from top to bottom; similar motion as if you were gliding with your fingers & rubbing wax into hair.

red hair chalk

STEP 4: Brush through strands individually

Try not to brush all strands together, as they will mix & the colors won’t show up as vivid. But if you over brush a little, that won’t be a problem.

STEP 5: Hair spray it or flat iron it

The moment you hair spray your colored hair, chalk will set in a little more, which means it will stick longer, it won’t show up that easy on your clothes / fingers, etc… but will also be a little harder to wash out (maybe 2 shampooing in 1 wash). Same goes for flat iron. This way, you can also create cute little curls 😉


STEP 6: Wash it out 🙂

I suggest soaking your hair in olive or coconut oil a little before washing it – all that extra oil will nourish your hair that tend to get a little dry with chalk (just when you’re chalked, not long-term), also it will be even easier too remove the color! After that, wash & shampoo like always (massage the shampoo & rub it into your chalked hair), put in some conditioner, and you’ll be as good as new!

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