Introduction to HairChalk


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How it WORKS? a STEP by STEP guide!

  1. 1st, preparation: grab yourself a chalk or few of them, a towel or a plastic coat, gloves, a hair clip and hair spray, trigger bottle with water (or just tap water) and iron/curler – optional
  2. wet your hair, or strands that you want to color: spray the water on your hair, use the fingers in case of tap water, or just dip the chalk in water – let the hair be very moist but not soaked and dripping
  3. rub the selected chalk/s onto your hair, holding it straight and tense with the other hand, the best practice is to rub it in direction of hair growth (from top to bottom) instead of up & down movement, or just dip your hair into the chalked dissolved in water. You can also try brushing the water-chalk substance onto your hair with the colouring brush/comb, or put the liquid in the trigger spray bottle & simply spray it on!
  4. now it’s time to dry the hair – use the blow dryer & don’t dry your hair with a towel as the chalk will stain the towel & it will be less seen on your hair!
  5. if you want to add some extra creativity, use the ironing tool or the curler to make the chalk a bit more long-lasting
  6. for a better & longer stay, use the hair spray after you’ve styled your hair!

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How it WON’T work?

  • if you apply chalk on wax or any similar waxy product on your hair
  • if you’ve used silk or similar hair treatment previous to hair chalking
  • if it rains on your hair immediately after chalking
  • if you brush your hair vigorously immediately after chalking
  • if your don’t dry your hair after applying chalk
  • if you just rub the chalk once or twice gently & expect sudden immense change of colour

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Our hairchalks are made of natural & vegan ingredients, with no allergic substances, or any harmful parts!


  • 65 % calcium carbonate
  • 20 % talcum powder
  • 15 % pigments & binding agents

Few guidelines for brunettes:

  • apply on WET hair
  • dissolve the chalk in warm water (0.5 or 1/4 cup), make a nice liquid color with fork
  • apply the liquid chalk on your hair with coloring brush
  • use WHITE chalk prior to any color
  • after coloring, blow dry your hair
  • after drying, use iron or curler to let the chalk set
  • you might want to dissolve 2 hair chalks in the same amount of water instead of 1, for better & more dramatic result


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