Kendall’s NEW Pink hair & How to achieve it perfectly with NO damage!

Wait, Ken-doll did wh0000t? Yup, after Khloe’s ever lighter highlights, balayage, or baby ombre (whatever you prefer calling it), after Kim’s short but sweet attempt to be a bombshell blonde, and nevertheless, after her won sister Kylie’s ever changing ‘do – she’s stepped up the game! And got pink hair.

And what better time to pick for going pink than the pink month itself, October! Way to go Kendall!


First you might think this sort of hair dye is a complete no go for a dark brunette she is, but surprisingly (do they run this in family) she can rock it pretty well!

And come on, admit it, it was about time she changed her hair as well, and if going any “crazy” color, I would immediately choose pink as well <3

But, let’s face it, not all of us have such gorgeous hair genes with such strong & thick hair to begin with, and the bleaching process (required as a base for any pastel hair dye) will probably leave most of our hair damages, injured, fried… need I say more? So, what’s in store for us??

The way you can take this challenge, is calmly, easily, simply, and with no consequences whatsoever! I’m talking temporary hair dye! No bleach, peroxide, or other harmful chemicals required! Which basically means, no hair cutting, no allergic reactions, no sad faces. 🙁 –> 😀

Let’s go through the steps – because they ARE very easy:

  1. First off, choose the pink that your heart desires – let me give you a couple suggestions on this page
  2. Grab the chalks, unwrap a stick, stick (see what I did here?) it under tap water & ruuuub
  3. Yes, rub over your hair. Like, over the strand
  4. Repeat for as much hair, and as many strand you want
  5. Now, don’t forget to snap that #selfie, make a collage of before / after – or even better, of Kendall & you, and upload it on your fave’ ‘gram!