Lady of Steel a.k.a. 50 Shades of Grey Part #2

When it comes to a lately very popular grey & silver hair trend, usually we’re like – Oh, I totes LOVE it, I wanna have it, or Nah, why would someone go grey by dying hair even BEFORE they actually get old & grey naturally? – so the opinions are very different, and you almost can’t be somewhere in between. You either love it or hate it. But, I thought it doesn’t have to be this way – because there are many ways your hair can go grey & so many shades of grey you can play with today! Let’s have a look!

1) Silver Grey Hair – very shiny & quite light version of grey hair, definitely not dull and boring!


2) Blue Grey Hair – cool tone of grey, totally steel, and medium to dark shade



3) Purple Grey Hair – somewhere between cool & warm tone, a classic grey dye and most popular, a medium shade


4) Pink Grey Hairwarmer tone of grey, lighter shade, and a little more saturated



5) Blonde or Brown Grey Hair – speaking of saturated, if you’re not ready to commit to “grey” grey, I suggest starting with these – just ashy blonde or ashy brunette for starters 🙂


6) Turquoise Grey Hair – greenish grey – the opposite of purple & pink, definitely a cool tone, can be darker or lighter


7) White Grey Hair – very light, kinda silver shade of grey, has almost no pigment whatsoever, and pretty much looks like platinum blonde but even less saturated


8) Black Grey Hair – and finally, the darkest shade of grey, more like a black that just shines a little silvery


Voila, that’s it! If you have any other grey-ish hair color in mind that I haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments, or post a photo here or on twitter, hashtagging us #hairchalkco !




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