MACARON Hair – the best hair trend to kick off your spring time!

Macarons, yes you know those puffy almond pastel delights that melt in your mouth? Macarons are awesome in our mouth, but that’s no news. Macarons are also pretty cool on our hair, and to some – this is news 🙂


DISCLAIMER: all looks in this article’s photos have been entirely achieved with hair chalks.

The trend has started kicking in in the end of last year but the winter was just starting then in Northern half of the globe 🙁

Macaron hair trend is all about pretty girly pastel shades, all nicely mixed in your hair. Macaron hair is like a delightful candy cane that you just can’t stop watching. Hair that you maybe think is too much Unicorn but at the same time nothing is too much of a Unicorn… And, considering the fact that you can choose many pastel colors, or just stick with a few subtle tones, you can pretty much rock it anyway you want & nothing is too much.


Macaron hair vs Hyper-color hair

These 2 trends are quite similar in the way that you apply very different shades of colors on thin hair strands – almost no 2 strands are exactly the same. You can either go full out & have numerous different tones, or just have a few but the point is for your hair to reflect, shine, and for you to create pearlescence that gradually shades 1 color into another. The big difference between the 2, however, is that Hyper-color hair are as the name suggests very vivid, bright, and bold colors, while Macaron hair are subtle, pastel pearlescent, and gentle shades.


Test it well before you commit

Subtle shades as those in Macaron hair trend will only appear on your hair if it’s really light. This means you have to be blonde, or bleach your hair if you’re a natural dark. Once your hair is almost white, or just very platinum, you’re all set for Macaron hair. But, are you really willing to take risk of not liking this trend so much, and ruining your white-ish hair all over again? Testing it out first with a temporary solution is a great way of trying out new fun stuff without fully commiting to them 🙂


How to create Macaron Hair temporarily with hair chalks?

Assemble all the right hair chalks!


Yep, all those pastel orange, pale yellow, baby pink, serenity blue, turquoise and lilac hair chalks will definitely come in consideration! You can choose all of them, or just some & keep it a little less edgy.

Prepare your hair

Brush through your hair well before chalking – detangle them as much as you can so that the chalks won’t tangle & pull on them. Also, don’t forget that for this trend, your hair should be blonde. Don’t worry, soon we’ll write about cool alternatives for Macaron hair on dark hair 🙂

Let each strand be different & multi-colored!


Take small strands / sections of hair (help yourself with a comb & a bunch of hair clips) to create a lovely shading effect.

Decide on the direction of coloring

You can go diagonally, from top to bottom, or left to right, whichever you prefer – this will create a nice pearlescent gradient.


Best results on wet head

To cover your hair with hair chalks completely, an awesome way to do it is first washing your hair as normally under the shower, and just towel dry it really well. You should be left with humid (not dripping wet hair) when you start chalking. Still, you NEED to wet the chalks as well! Also, this way it will be easier for you to section hair.

Blow dry your hair & set the colors in

Blow dry as you usually do (if you hair chalked your head while wet), otherwise just brush through your hair, and set the colors in with a hair spray, or flat iron.

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