Marsala Hair: Create the 2015 Color of the Year with Hair Chalks!

What is the Marsala Hair?

Basically, besides being THE color of the year 2015, it’s a mixture of a dark red, plum, and burgundy color. Sounds too good to be true? It surprised us as well – it contains just the right amount of cool & warm tones, saturation, and a hint of mystical mistery. Shortly, it is the shade for this year, according to color specialists and we decided to put it on a test! How would Marsala look like on your hair?

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Why do we like it?

Marsala hair is very versatile. It will look good on every skin tone, with every eye color, and it’s quite easy to achieve it too (yaaay!). Not completely sure about how it would look on you? Not convinced yet? No problem, with marsala style hair chalks, you can transform yourself into a red-plum beauty in a matter of minutes, and go back to where you were – in more or less the same time! 🙂 It simply reminds us of the grapevine, mixed with blood orange, berry smoothie, and more yummy stuff!



How to style Marsala hair with your outfits & makeup?

Being such a versatile color, it’s not difficult to blend it with other crazy or neutral shades. It will look awesome with bright tones, such as yellow and fuchsia, but also toned down a little, with earthy shades such as chocolate brown, or sandy beige. Talking about outfits, you can totally rock neon bright pink or yellow, but also go monochrome with black or white.


Marsala Ombre hair – why not?

So, you decided to wanna give it a go with Marsala hair, but still not completely sure if the whole head is the answer? No fuss, ombre is still hot this year, or if you want a little lighter version, people like to call it “baby ombre” or balayage, it can totally happen with marsala hair chalks! You can even work your way with the dip dye, where you basically just dissolve hair chalks in a shallow container with water, and dip your ends into it – simple as that! Otherwise, you’re free to chalk your hair, working your way from the middle of the hair down towards the ends. It will look awesome with your black hair, as well as platinum blonde! It will also create a lovely gradual transition and just a soft ombre on your brown hair!


Celebrities, rocking Marsala Hair!



Ready to join the community of Ariana Grande, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Selena Gomez, Cheryl Cole, and Demi Lovato, slaying marsala hair? Check out our awesome hair chalk sets, containing marsala or marsala ombre shades!

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