Most Trending Hairstyles in 2015

According to Google, in 2015, it appears that there are more searches for men’s hairstyle than women’s. Apparently, a lot has been curious about and are interested with man buns and comb-overs. On YouTube, a few videos about how to make achieve the perfect man bun gathered around 4.1 million views. And still counting!


As obvious as it seems, man buns are totally in demand today. Now, everywhere you look there will always be a guy sporting a messy man bun. Thanks to Jared Leto and Harry Styles, this hairstyle will probably stay until who-knows-when. Guys also search for a more fashionable and hip comb-over look.

As for hair color, silver hair was also one of the top searches as it was spotted on Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Willow Smith, Rita Ora, Pink and Raven Symone.

So the top three searches on Google are:

#1 All about hair grooming

Topics about hair like new hairstyles and how-to do tutorials are substantially searched when it comes to grooming. It seems to be more important than basic grooming such as shaving and skin care.

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#2 Braids and hair color

A lot of women actually want to try and change their hair color into a more creative and uncommon color like silver, gray, pink, purple and blue. Various celebrities have tried and showcased different wigs that triggered most of the young ones to actually get the same hair color as to what their idols are sporting.

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#3 Men hairstyle

Men searching for “how to do a low fade or high fade” or “how to sport a short or long comb-over” was also on the rise.

Weird is it? But it is one of the top searches on Google. Whatever it is that most of the men are thinking, we can never guess.

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Another Google finding is that 80% of the people search for hair colors from their smartphones, so if you have ever gone to the local parlor near you and asked the person who will color your hair to copy a certain hair color from your hair-spiration downloaded thru you phone, then you are not alone. A lot of people had been doing that.

There are lots of content as regards to man buns and comb-overs but lacks advertising and broadcasting from brands. Braids like fishtail, goddess and box, are definitely one of the trending topics since 2013 up until today.

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