Movember is back & stronger than ever!

We’ve changed the clocks, we’re chilly in the morning, and we’re drinking pumpkin spice latte – no doubt that the autumn did arrive! Movember is here, and so are the gents with mustache – all with 1 goal: to let people know about the prostate cancer & other male health issues.

By putting up this post, we wanted to raise awareness in our own way – through the hair chalks. Given that there are many young guys that rock the curated hipster beard & mustache look throughout the year & not only for Movember, we wanted to go a step further. 

Following the trend of men’s mermaid facial hair (yep, it was a thing in summer), we wanted to offer the guys that won’t be shaving for entire month (or even longer!) a little variety – a harmless & temporary 1, that is. And, OMG, we spotted several male celebs rocking this like a pro! We’ve got a fine gentleman Brad Pitt with a happy pumpkin orange mustache – what better way to start off the fall season?!, footy god David Bechks that can’t really stay away from English green grass color even when it comes to facial hair, eternal heartthrob Jared Leto that went pink before he went Joker, and Pierce Bond, ekhm, Brosnan, who needed not 1 but several blue hair chalks to color all tha’ hair! Let’s not forget about the Mustache-man himself, Tom Selleck needs no extra courage when it comes to bold (ha!) hair colors – he is the merman alright!

Ok, jokes aside, we did help ourselves with our computer skills a bit – but really, admit it – it looks great & fun! Scroll through these hot males, and let us know what color mustache/beard would you get for your guy!


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