NEW Trend in the Spotlight: DyeBrows!

Did someone say “dyebrows”?

Dyebrows are just what you first think of when you hear the word – it means actually dying your eyebrows! And like any other trend encountered during the past year, it slowly but surely makes its way from the catwalk and NYFW to beauty and hair salons… and to our hearts <3



What’s the catch?

Well, after having tried all the rainbow colors in this world on your hair, and just in case you may not be a fan of armpit hair dying (or, just in case you don’t have armpit hair), well, then dyebrows are the next thing to try. If Cara Delevigne and co. can get away with it, you shouldn’t feel any less of a model, and go for it as well!


Dyeing… eye area..?

Yes, dyes are harsh to your skin, they always end up getting inside your skin, and of course into your bloodstream, and if you do this often, can cause cancer, and it you’re not very careful, can also cause blindness, then again… they may not. But, if you’re not willing to take this risk, and aren’t a gambler by heart, I definitely suggest checking out the non-harsh dye that are not chemically infused, don’t contain any of the artificial harmful stuff, and are even hypo-allergenic & cruelty-free! Also, with these dyes you don’t have to fear next Monday when you’re off to work, and you just can’t get that turquoise dye off your eyebrows. Hair chalk is a safe & easy way to get your cake, and eat it too!

So… what will you need?
  • tap water
  • hair chalks
  • small eyebrow or eyelash comb
Step by step tutorial to your craziest dyebrows yet:
  1. dampen your eyebrows with water a little OR slide your hair chalk under tap water
  2. rub wet hair chalk over your eyebrows
  3. finish by combing gently through your eyebrows and you’re done!
  4. End result?


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