Pantone Colors of the year 2016 on your head!

Rose Quartz vs. Serenity a.k.a. Rose pink vs. Periwinkle blue

Yes, FINALLY we have not 1 but 2 Pantone colors of the year! And what better way to celebrate them than on our hair, considering we’re a bunch of hair stuff enthusiasts! There’s something about light blue & light pink together that just makes anything colored in these shades, dreamy & out of this world! They’re both just candy, fairy tale colors. In home decor they’ll appear kinda retro, in your wardrobe you can go for soft grunge or kawaii with them, and on hair they can just continue rocking the pastel trend of last year, with a bit of more boldness & brightness!
step 1

Why do we love them on our hair?

I was genuinely thinking about both colors before having started this article & couldn’t really come to a decision which one I love better! I like Rose Quartz because it’s that clean innocent baby pink but not entirely cool toned, it does have some warm wood tones. To me, the pink color, being mostly cool, is great for winter time, but this one has a warmer note so I wouldn’t hesitate wearing it in summer, or autumn. Serenity is that perfect periwinkle, medium shade of warm blue – blue that eventually meet lilac in color wheel?

How you can achieve the good look with hair chalks?

STEP 1: unwrap the chalks from their plastic shrink wrap foil & prepare a jar with water to dip them in


STEP 2: brush thoroughly through your hair to remove any knots & tangles

step 2

STEP 3: dip the pink chalk in water & rub it onto your hair (pick an inch wide strand). Repeat until your hair is covered in pink!

step 4

STEP 4: dip the blue chalk in water & rub it onto your hair (pick an inch wide strand). Repeat until your hair is covered in blue!

step 3

STEP 5: brush through your hair again, set the color in with some hair spray & you’re done!

step 6

What are the perfect 2 chalks for this look?

step 8

Aqua Blue & Rose Pink


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