Pastel or Bold – Which Best Describes You?

Highlights might have taken the limelight over the last couple of years but that just might change this 2015. With the sudden popularity of hair chalks and how people can change from ordinary boring hair colors to pastel tones within just minutes, people are enjoying this ease of transforming into the total opposite.

So are you a pastel girl or always been and always be a bold girl?

pastel rainbow hair

Hair experts say that cotton candy hues just might be today’s trend. Yes, we know it is a bit too far from the normal spectrum of hair trends but hey Katy Perry has been doing this for the longest time. Are you still not bored with normal and ordinary hair colors?

Nicole Richie got hot pink before she was seen sporting sapphire blue hair color. How does ruby, amethyst, or candy pink sound to you?

While it sounds absolutely cool to follow the ongoing hair color trend , it remains a fact that not everyone can pull of the pastel or bold hair colors.

Are you torn between the two? Here are some pointers on how to know if you are meant to be a bold color haired woman for the meantime or you are meant to explore the lighter parts of the hair spectrum.

Bold Hair Colors

These are located at the farthest end of the spectrum where boldness meets darkness. However, they end up being quite a good pair especially for some people. Know which bold hair color might be right for you.

ruby red hair

Ruby Red Hair

This works great on those who have normal dark-colored hair. Your hair colorist may choose from the vibrant red hues to complement your complexion and eyes. It is fiery, passionate, and sort of gives off the vibe that you just got out of a scene from Moulin Rouge.

emerald green hair

Emerald Green Hair

This is a classy and beautiful color to go with most especially for those with blue or green eyes. It complements the face very well. Emerald hair takes a lot of attitude to pull off.

amethyst purple hair

Amethyst Purple Hair

It is go bold or go home for this color. However, in contrary to what people think, amethyst (a shade of purple) is actually one of the easy bold hair colors to play with. It is still classy and elegant regardless of hair length. Take the cue from Katy Perry.

sapphire blue hair

Sapphire Blue Hair

This is regarded by hair artists to be the most glamorous and beautiful among the bold colors. Demi Lovato once rocked this color. However, the downside is that this color is quite hard to maintain. Easy solution would be to settle with sapphire highlights with the use of a hair chalk.

Pastel Hair Colors

Pastel hair colors have been so in the trend since hair chalks were once again introduced into the market. Worried about having a permanent pastel colored hair? No worries because hair chalks have got you covered. Pastel colors work best for those who have blonde hair. Try them as highlights and play around. Here are some wonderful ideas:

cool violet hair

Soothing Lavender Hair

This pastel hair color works great on blondes. Try using a cool lavender hair chalk on several strands in the front side. This trick will give you an icy pastel violet what could even complement your blushing cheeks.

marshmallow pink hair

Marshmallow Pink Hair

Pink does not work as strong as violets, therefore, giving you a more subtle pink hue. If you want this with a darker shade of hair, you would have to use more pink hair chalk or hair dye to achieve the marshmallow pink effect.

peach hair

Peach Hair

This is said to be a perfect pastel hair color for anyone with freckles. It is regarded as one of the beautiful sunset tones great for highlight or for an ombre effect.

aqua hair

Aqua Hair

This pastel color is perfect for those who have a golden glow to their skin. Think of an aqua-haired mermaid and use it as your inspiration either for highlights or for an overall hair color using aqua hair chalks.

Whether you are a bold or pastel kind of girl, remember that hair trends are always evolving. What might be hot today may not be so hot tomorrow. With hair chalks, you can easily keep up with today’s hair trends without damaging your hair.

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