Pumpkin Spice Hair Ombre to Spice Up Your Autumn

It’s fall and pumpkins are everywhere! And so is pumpkin spice! You name it, they got in pumpkin spice flavor – latte, M&Ms, and even your coffee creamer now tastes of pumpkin spice. Wait, there’s more! You will also discover pumpkin spice-flavored mouthwash, tampons and condoms.

And now it has started another hair trend – the pumpkin spice hair ombre! The pumpkin spice ombre hair chalk set of 6 is our latest color concoction.

pumpkin spice

Bring newness and amp up your hair with some lovely shades of orange, red, raspberry, caramel and honey. Having glamorous style for your hair is an indicator of beauty and class. Pumpkin spice ombre is another gorgeous way to make it beautiful and truly classy.

Every package contains specific directions on how to use these hair chalks for perfect results.

  • Hair chalks can turn your hair into pumpkin spice shade.
  • Hair chalk lasts for about one up to two washes and can stay longer with thinner hair.
  • Shiny and striking pumpkin spice hair ombre color is great for both light and dark hair.
  • Gentle and safe way to color your hair pumpkin spice ombre without de-coloring.
  • It’s applicable for kids.
  • Every stick of hair chalk is carefully packaged to avoid cracks and breaks.

Every woman loves how fantastically hair color can turn her into something new, unique and exceptionally different. Making your great pick of latest hair color trendy ideas shows your personality. Pumpkin spice ombre hair color blends well as it signifies nice balance of light and dark shades.

Below are some of the different hues of pumpkin spice hair ombre just like the many different colors of the pumpkin.

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Get That Pumpkin Spice Hair Ombre – Here’s How!

  • Take a hair chalk, a plastic wrap, gloves, a hair snip, a hair sprayer and a plastic jar filled with tap water.
  • Take a hair chalk, a plastic wrap, gloves, a hair snip, a hair sprayer and a plastic jar filled with tap water.
  • Wet your hair slightly and also wet hair chalk’s end tip.
  • Gently rub the hair chalk onto your hair and follow the hair growth direction as your rub it which is from top to bottom.
  • You may also dissolve the hair chalk in water and apply the solution using a hair color brush.
  • Make use of a blow dryer as it is suitable for drying your hair.

Your pumpkin spice hair ombre is the perfect blend to spice up your autumn.


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