Rihanna’s Timeline of Hair Transformations

Embracing all fashion trends, trying them out, and owning them whether in stage while performing or even for a paparazzi day out at the city, Rihanna is not anyone’s typical R&B singer. She has evolved from looking generic to finding her true self in the various fashion and hair styles she chooses.

Riri, as she is also famously known, may have a fashion stylist and hair artist but all of them stated that it all boils down to her mood every time she changes hair styles or fashion styles. Let us take a good look of how Rihanna perfected being a hair chameleon through the years.

2005 – Long Hair with Light Brown Highlights

rihanna 2005

This was during the time when Riri debuted with her studio album which was released by Jam Recordings on August 30, 2005. When asked about her hairstyle back then, Riri promises to look so generic and vows never to do that hairstyle ever again though the world thought she was a cutie back then with lustrous highlighted curls with pierced bangs.

2006 – Natural Curls


rihanna natural curls 2006

Yes she once let her natural curls take the limelight and we are talking about small kinky curls which we doubt we would see her sporting ever in this lifetime. She was also seen with this hair style when she performed at the World Music Awards in 2006.


2006 – Long Bouncy Curls


rihanna long bouncy curls 2006

Before attending the 2006 MTV Music Awards, Riri might have been advised by whoever her hair artist back then to drop her natural curls for a more updated look which is having long bouncy curls in a radiant amber hue. This totally softened her features and made her fit perfectly in the scene.


2006 – Long Straight Hair with Waist-Length Extensions


rihanna long straight hair 2006

As early as her second year in the industry, Riri hated having the same thing or sporting the same look over and over again. For that, she settled with long straight hair with waist-length extensions at the premiere of her first acting role in the movie, “A Girl Like Me.”


2007 –Asymmetrical Bob


rihanna asymmetrical bob 2007

The world first saw this hair transformation in 2007 when Riri released another album, the “Good Girl Gone Bad.” It was an asymmetrical bob with a brown shade.


2007 – Razor Cut Black Bob


rihanna razor black bob 2007

She later showed up at the 2007 Grammy Awards with a longer bob in black instead of the asymmetrical bob we saw earlier.


2007 – Black Bob with Hot Pink Streaks


rihanna black bob with pink streaks 2007

So, Rihanna did some bold hair styling way before Katy Perry. After showing with an all-black razor cut bob, she spiced things up with hot pink streaks.


2007 – Raven Rockstar


rihanna raven rockstar 2007

Since she was sporting a bob, a raven bob with bangs was perfect! In the same year, she was seen sporting a dramatic jet-black hue with blunt-cut bangs which all seemed to perfect for her honey-brown skin.


2007 – Pixie Cut


rihanna pixie cut 2007

Taking her bob to the next level, she surprised everyone with a soft pixie hairstyle with bits of curls for that playful twist.


2008 – Side Swept


rihanna side swept hair 2008

To give variety, Riri showed up at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards with nice side-swept angled bangs with razor-cut sides which definitely turned heads.


2008 – Bob with Blue & Blonde Highlights


rihanna blue and blonde highlights 2008

She later showed at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards with the bob with a beautiful twist – blue and blonde highlights.


2008 – Blonde Babe



rihanna blonde babe 2008 Right in time for fashion week, Rihanna dropped the jet black hair for some blonde highlights for her cropped hair.


2009 – Golden Girl


rihanna blonde undercut 2009

Riri was spotted sporting a golden faux-hawk hair style during the 2009 American Music Awards with undercuts and again, side-swept bangs.

2010 – Spiked Faux-Hawk


rihanna spike faux hawk 2010

For the 2010 Grammy Awards, she stunned the world with a golden brown spiked faux-hawk.


2010 – Red Bowl Cut


rihanna red bowl cut 2010

Making a definite statement was Riri’s red colored bowl cropped hair.


2010 – Red Medium Curls


rihanna red medium curls 2010

Using extensions but maintaining the red color for her video, “What’s My Name”, Riri further plays with her red mane.

2011 – Going Au Naturel


rihanna au naturale 2011

Style Bistro pleaded for Riri to lose the red hair already and she did. She went back all natural with the curls and color and everything.

2012 – Going Blonde


rihanna going blonde 2012

She maintained her natural curls but went totally blonde.


2012 – Black Side Swept with Flowy Curls


Rihanna Black Side-swept with Flowy Curls 2012

Riri attended the 2012 Time 100 Gala for the Most Influential People in the World with black hair but side-swept bangs and flowy curls.


2013 – The Doobie


rihanna the doobie 2013

It was AMA 2013 and Rihanna once again showed another hairstyle trend – the doobie or more commonly known as the wrap with pearl and black hairpins to keep it stretched and in place.


2014 – Du Jour Do


rihanna du jour do 2014

This is perhaps the hairstyle that many cannot seem to appreciate. It consists of blunt extra straight bangs with face framing pieces and long wavy black hair.

2015 – Sleek Pulled Up Bun


rihanna sleek bun 2015

After all those crazy hairstyles, we are going to end this on a classy note – a sleek, pulled up bun and minimal makeup – gorgeous!



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