How to rock Ombre Hair Style like Kylie Jenner?

Grab your 2 favorite hair chalks!

To create the ultimate Ombre Hair Effect, you will need AT LEAST 2 shades, because Hey, what Ombre is really Ombre with just 1 color?? Then, depending on your personal taste & wishes, you can apply more than 2, but keep in mind 2 colors will give you a nice subtle elegant look, while more will give you a rainbow style! 🙂 Preferably you should choose 2 shades of hair chalks that are near in the color circle (i.e. green & blue, yellow & orange, red & pink, blue & purple, etc…)! This will enable you a lovely Ombre transition on your hair.


Start at your nose level

This depends on your hair length, but most girls like to start at nose level because it tends to get noticed the most. However, if your hair is longer, you can as well start at a lower point, like end of your chin or so. This way you can still apply a lot of new color but also keep your natural hair color visible.


Which color to apply higher?

This depends on your current hair color! If you hair is light, apply the lighter hair chalk in the upper part, and the darker chalk onto your ends. And if your hair is dark, do the vice versa – apply the darker hair chalk first, and the lighter hair chalk onto your ends! This way you can reach the natural Ombre transition without harsh edges!

Pout your way out onto Instagram!

Show us what you got! When you’re finished chalking, applying the heat and/or hairspray, grab your smart phone and hit the Instagram! Don’t forget to hashtag us #hairchalkco 😉


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