Sand Art Hair – The Hottest Hair Trend For Summer?

Once upon a time, we as little kids used to do this crazy yet cool, colorful sand art masterpieces as an art class project. Now, we’re all grown up and brought up to the idea of dyeing your hair in multiple rainbow hues is not exactly a cool idea – until recently. Thanks to Kesha, Rita Ora, and Katy Perry, the once impossible childhood dream of having an awesome unicorn mane that can look better than My Little Pony have!

my little pony hair inspiration

my little pony hair inspiration

This cool hairstyle, as defined by Marie Claire magazine, is described as various shades of rainbow spectrum are painted onto the hair to replicate the striped layers of sand you put into shaped glass bottles just like what most of us used to do in art class as a child – hence the term “sand art hair” is born. The final look appears a variety of hair colors that spill over each other.

funky sand art bottles by Clever Patch

Over the past few weeks, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram have been filled with many pictures from models, beauty bloggers and celebrities themselves sporting multiple hair colors, and even hairstylists are posting the best of their works from their own salons.

Getting a hair chalk style for your own sounds fun and inspires you to become creative and experimental with your look. After all, the choices of colors are entirely up to you. However, be careful about the process especially if you never have experience coloring your own mane.

According to New York-based colorist Kat Zemtsova, it is better to ask for professional help “to avoid all colors becoming a one big mess, but if you’re trying to create rainbow hair at home, wrap the different color strands in foil to keep them separate for the processing.”

exotic blossom pink purple teal ombre hair chalk set

exotic blossom pink purple teal ombre hair chalk set

At first glance, you might think like you can literally play your hair with sand, but the result is seriously hypnotic, amazing and exciting! And what best way to get the look than with hair chalks!

Hair chalks are cost effective alternatives to permanent hair dyes, not to mention that you can easily change your look in just two washes since they easily wash off. Shows off that amazing ombre effect with your choice of hair chalk colors, and we can tell that with the sand art hair, your everyday look will never be boring anytime soon!

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