See how you can imitate Nicole Richie’s newest hair!

Trim it!

Go to a good hair salon, or splurge on the best trimming scissors (don’t be shocked – they can be very pricey, and the numbers go all the way to $500 or more!), and cut it off! Don’t forget to thin the hair at the ends so that it will nicely hug your face, and not stick to every possible direction when you wake up in the morning 😉

Grab a hair gel!

Don’t think that pixie cut will stand right on its own! You’ll want to put quite some hair gel in, to make it look glam & fancy, instead of just a messy hair cut fail. Try to find a water based gel that is not too sticky & that actually takes care of your hair. Otherwise it will be hard for you to wash it out in the evening, and it will be damaging to your hair. You can also try hair mousse or styling spray as an alternative.


Stock on pink hair dye!

Nothing spices up a short pixie hairstyle like a splash of color, and Nicole Richie knows it! If you’re going for a really short hair, don’t forget – you don’t have numerous options on how to style it, like you do with longer hair. That’s why it’s cool to play around with colors a little in case you’re likely to get bored with the same hair quickly. Temporary colors, such as hair chalks are a perfect solution to dying your hair quickly, often, and with no damage. They are very hair-friendly, require little time to dye your hair, and wash out super easily!


How you can use pink hair chalk?

  • Grab a hair chalk, a towel or a plastic cape, gloves, a hair clip, hair spray and a plastic jar with water – can be a yogurt jar (or just tap water)
  • slightly wet your hair and the end of the hair chalk
  • Rub the chalk onto your hair, holding it straight. Rub it in direction of hair growth (from top to bottom) instead of up & down movement.
  • Apply the color with the tip of the hair chalk, not the side, for a brighter and more vivid color.
  • You can also try dissolving the hair chalk in a splash of water and applying the mixture on your hair with a hair color brush
  • Use the blow dryer to dry your hair – don’t dry it with a towel as the chalk will stain it – but the best is just air drying and brushing to dry your your hair (this way you’ll also get a nice gradient hair color – not too deep)
  • For longer lasting hair chalk, use the hair straightener or hair curler
  • For better & longer lasting color, use the hair chalk after you’ve styled your hair!


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