In the Spotlight: Grey & Silver Hair is all the rage in 2015!

What is so appealing about silver & grey hair?

We love different things, and stuff we don’t see everyday, or just things that are unusual, hard to spy around us… For the longest time hair colors have been just blonde, brown, red, or black. On the other hand there were always those “eccentric” crazy colors (which, don’t get me wrong, I’m so not against) in neon & fluorescent blue, orange, yellow, pink or green! But you can hardly pull these shades off at work, well… depending on what work you do 😀 but you get the picture! On the other hand none of us feels very cool about having the same old classic hair color over & over again… Here’s when silver & grey jump in! They’re perfect middle colors for those that are sick of traditional basic shades, but can’t or do’t want to go crazy on rainbow head!

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How to achieve silver or grey hair color?

These 2 are basically hair color with no color – not to an extend as white hair but keep in my that if you want to permanently dye your hair silver or grey, you need to bleach the hell out of your hair first. Now Math – sorry, I know you hate it, but can’t go without Math! Bleaching equals damaging. Damaging equals ugly hair. Damaging also equals cutting. A LOT. Trust me 😀 Then we can go as far as Cutting equals hair extensions, Hair extensions equal extra costs equal sad face. But let’s just stop at bleaching. You need to go white in order to go silver with a toner. So in the end you’ll be cut white damaged hair extended chick with a silver toner in her hand. But this is basically the process. Peroxide + bleaching powder + toner + peroxide. ‘Nuff said. 🙁

How to achieve silver effect on hair with NO harmful chemicals?

BUUUUUT there’s a solution to this – like always 😀 There are some budget-friendly, and hair-friendly versions of much less invasive processes to go slightly or more silver / grey:

  • grab your silver or grey hair chalk and rub it all over your hair
  • ALWAYS wet the chalk thoroughly before you use it – and keep wetting it for each rub / application on your hair
  • this way you’ll get the best and most visible, pigmented results
  • you can also dissolve the chalks in a pot / container with water, and mush it with a fork to create a nice colorful liquid
  • this way you can ombre your hair silver, dip dye your hair, or just apply the liquid a lot easier if you have a bunch of hair (help yourself with a dying brush)
  • don’t forget: hair chalks are NOT harmful, they are hair-friendly, suitable for kids to use, non-allergenic, and vegan-friednly
  • if your hair is dark, try this method: apply white hair chalk first, and then silver / grey, or apply several layers / coats of silver & grey


How to rock silver hair dye without looking too… washed out?

  • treat yourself with some silky soft Victoria’s Secret style waves & curls – help yourself with a curling wand, with a flat iron, or if you’re not prone to heat exposure for your hair, go for over night braids or whole head of swirls!
  • go for bright & bold makeup! Pink & red lipstick will pop out like crazy with your grey-ish hair, and glam eye look will be more visible than ever!
  • don’t under-saturate your complexion! Your hair being grey or silver are already dissaturated enough – you need to work on warm tones for your foundation. Choose your powders & base in warm beige, honey, or caramel, instead of ivory, rose beige, or buff.
  • don’t go too monochrome with your outfit: here’s a chance you can finally wear all those colors you haven’t had on since middle school! Go for pinks, yellows, and reds! Life is meant to be colorful anyways, ask LG..
  • highlights, lowlights, balayage, and ombre! Think depth & texture – go dynamic with your hair color, which is why hair chalk is so useful as you can only rock a few silver strands for starters, or just dip dye your hair very simple & easily! Don’t go for 1 shade all over your head. It will look dead & boring.


How you can maintain silver & grey hair dye?

These 2 colors are the hardest to achieve (read above) and the fastest & easiest to wash out & fade away… NOT fair, I know! But, again there are some ways you can make your life less complicated 😉

  • buy yourself an infinite amount of silver shampoo & conditioner, and pray that they will cover your brassiness, orange & golden tones, and yellow fails in your hair 😀
  • or, stick to hair chalk sticks 😉 and just re-apply when necessary.
  • with hair chalks, there’s absolutely NO bleaching, and no other chemicals required, so it’s brassiness-free, which basically means hassle-free
  • to set the chalk in for as long as possible you can help yourself with flat iron or curling wand, or any heat tool ( but don’t forget to use glove s& hair heat protection spray!)
  • you can easily set the hair chalk color in your head with a hair spray as well, but apply it only after you’ve brushed out your chalked hair

What we have in store for you?

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