Surprising Facts about Hair Chalks & MAC Lipsticks

We’re passionate about colors. And we’re crazy for MAC – but really, what else is new? As it turns out, MAC lippies & our hair chalks have more in common than we thought! We’re constantly on the run for perfect MAC lipstick, be it from one of their Limited Editions, or their regulars, so we went on a hunt for some of the most popular MAC lipsticks of all time (at least the internet says so!).

When we dug a little deeper into our obsession with MAC lipsticks, we actually realized it’s all about the shades! MAC has an infinite palette of shades we can choose among until we drop! Whatever our heart desires, MAC has it! Ok, we’re not so close to that yet but we’ve still checked what color combos we can find, and how very similar some shades look – for fun & because… us girls love universal look!

We found not 2, not 5, but 14 cool color combos you can rock with hair chalks & MAC 😀 Colors vary from typical fall shades such as Brick-o-la, Hautecore & Russian Red, to MAC classics Pink Nouveau, Angel, and Myth! With Bubbles that made us think of Silver, and Girl about town that resembles Hot Pink, the selection quickly became sexy & colorful! Let us know below what your fave’ MAC lippies are!

If hairchalks were mac lipsticks

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