• Pumpkin Spice Hair Ombre to Spice Up Your Autumn

    It’s fall and pumpkins are everywhere! And so is pumpkin spice! You name it, they got in pumpkin spice flavor – latte, M&Ms, and even your coffee creamer now tastes of pumpkin spice. Wait, there’s more! You will also discover pumpkin spice-flavored mouthwash, tampons and condoms.

    And now it has started another hair trend – the pumpkin spice hair ombre! The pumpkin spice ombre hair chalk set of 6 is our latest color concoction.

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  • 50 Shades Of Brown Hair

    Brown hair, regardless of shade as long as it is in the category, has always been the popular yet safe choice for both women and men. It exudes this certain elegance that no blonde-head or multicolored hair woman can ever attain.

    If you have always been a brunette and is pretty much getting tired of it, here are the different shades of brown hair that you can choose from. You can either go a few shades lighter or darker depending on your mood.

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