• Hair Color Pads: Instant Hair Dye On-the-Go!

    Going back to school is really exciting but it can also be stressful when it comes to deciding what your look is going to be.

    Back to school is all about first impressions and in order for you to leave a strong one, have a unique look and awesome personality that everyone you meet will remember. A great way for you to do that is by getting a bold or subtle but beautiful hair color.

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  • Get the Bold Blue Hue Inspired by Madison De La Garza

    A subtle hair color is way better than vibrant ones, and this seems to be true to Madison De La Garza’s latest hair color. In her latest Instagram post, Madison debuted her new Blue and Black hair shades, quoting Britney Spears’ “Oops, I did it again”. This basically tells that it isn’t the first time she has done this.

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  • DIY Pink Streaks Ala Ellie Goulding

    Summer has come and it’s time to go have fun. And why not with your hair too?

    If you’ve seen Ellie Goulding lately, she has just recently changed hair color from honey blonde to platinum to pink in three days! If you love coloring your hair too but only want the change for a short time or if you have yet to find out just how liberating changing your hair color can be, then go ahead and try hair chalking.

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  • Choosing the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

    Finding the perfect hair color has always been a challenge for most people. There seems to be varying opinions on what looks good. Plus, hair trends always change every season. Although it can be fun to play around with the hair and change it ever so often, there are always those certain shades that match one’s skin tone perfectly.

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