Tips on How to Successfully Wash Hair Chalk out of your hair

Hair chalk sets are the new phenomenon on hair and fashion. It has been a trendy new wave for teenagers and even those in the high fashion industry.

However, being one of the best and latest trends, does not mean that anyone can just use it without doing certain things and without following procedure. Don’t forget, you still need to go to work / school on Monday!

With that in mind, it is necessary that girls know how to properly wash hair with hair chalk on it.  You know how to apply it in three easy steps –wash, dry, apply – but what are the things that girls everywhere can do to make sure that hair with hair chalk is properly washed and will not damage hair?


What are ways to properly wash hair with hair chalk?

First, brush the hair first before washing. It is important to keep the hair clean and untangled so that conditioning it will be no big deal.  If your hair came from a bun, a braid or a pony tail, it is important that you brush it first. Brushing prevents tangles, split ends, and makes sure that the conditioner and shampoo works well. Recommending a good Detangler brush or Wet brush, and never brushing your hair when wet.

Second, use shampoo and conditioner with less than 0.25 sodium content or just get rid of chemical-made products altogether.  You need to make sure that your hair chalk will wash off fully, this is only possible if you use a decent amount of shampoo and conditioner (about twice as much as usually will do).  For the first day of applying hair chalk, use a conditioner only to re-hydrate & nourish your hair ends.


Use a shampoo thereafter to wash off the hair chalk completely. What girls forget is that the integrity of the hair chalk depends on the amount that they put in.  So, naturally, when you only put one layer of hair chalk, it washes off completely after one wash as compared to when you put on a complete layer of hair chalk.  Keep this in mind when applying hair chalk.

Also, it will depend upon your hair quality – if your hair is platinum & bleached, it means it’s very damaged on the inside, even if it doesn’t show on the outside! Bleached & damaged hair will absorb a lot more pigment from hair chalks, therefore it might take 2 up to several washes for the chalk to completely come out.

Finally, make sure that you air dry your hair with hair chalk, on the first 3 days after applying it.  If you want the hair chalk removed and you want to make sure that you remove it completely, air drying it will surely remove it and at the same time, will not cause any damage.


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