Want Debby Ryan’s Pink and Green Hair? Here’s How!

Changing hair colors is not a new thing for Debby Ryan; however, a two-tone color pastel dye (one for each half of her hair) is definitely one of the coolest things she ever did! The hues complement well Debby!

Ashley Tisdale's New Pink and Green Hair

Debby Ryan’s New Pink and Green Hair

Debby has a thing for hair colors though, and this latest experiment she did with her hair won’t be the last for sure.

Loving Debby’s locks? Here’s how you can achieve the same color or make an even better version of her hair color at your own home:

  • Buy and prepare the things you’ll need. Non oil-based chalks for your hair ranges from $5 to $60. When picking for a hair chalk, don’t just buy any chalk as it can become dusty while oil-based pastel chalks has great potential in staining your clothes. Other things you will need for this are your water bottle, a flat iron, towels and protective gloves.
  • Wet the hair. Do not wet the entire hair, though. Only the part where you want to dye. Wetting the hair is necessary so that the color will attach to it, but if you are naturally blonde it’s best that you wet your hair after you have dyed it.
  • Dye your hair. Apply your desired hair color on the area where you want to dye using a downward motion. Twist the hair as you apply the chalk. Do the same technique on the others strands.
  • Dry your hair. While others blowdry their hair so they can see the results fast, it is advisable that you let dyed hair naturally so as not to easily blow off the chalk.
  • Seal the color. Use your flat iron or curling iron to completely seal the entire look. Apply some hair spray on the dyed part to finish it off.

More Helpful Tips

To achieve the pastel colors like that of Debby’s, apply white hair chalk first and then the pink and green colors after.

Keep in mind that when applying a hair chalk, do not apply it together with any wax or other products as it will really damage your hair. If you are blonde, do not use water if you want to keep the hair color for a limited time only. Protect your clothes when chalking your hair.

There you have it. Your Debby Ryan’s green and pink hair locks! Hope you had fun following those easy steps.

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