What is a Hair Color Chart?

How else do you think professional stylists get to know which hair color would work best with your skin tone and eye color? While there may be those extremely talented ones that know right away which color to suggest, one thing is for sure – they all studied the hair color chart before they became hair color professionals.

Hair color experimenting do sound fun and exciting but the results are not always pleasing. There are times that we thought we had it right but for some reason, we ended up looking like a clown that we ourselves cannot understand.

This is the exact reason why a hair color chart is created. It is painstakingly made to help everyone find the best hair color aside from one’s natural hair color. This is dependent on one’s skin tone and eye colors.

Let us take a quick look at the most popular color choices and to which skin tone and eye color it would look good on.

light ash blonde

light ash blonde

Light Ash Blonde

This suits ladies with really pale skin tones with sort of rosy undertones. Experts say that the green and blue undertones in the ash color neutralize the rosy skin undertone which should give a more pleasing effect.

Light Blonde

This shade falls just between ash and golden blonde and suits those with light skin and a hazel or blue eye color.

Light Golden Blonde

An almost golden yellow shade, this is perfect for those who have light skin but with warm undertones and light colored eyes.

Beeline Honey

Probably the warmest color among the blondes hair color chart, this is perfect for those with warm skin tones as it makes them look more lustrously beautiful.

medium champagne

medium champagne

Medium Champagne

Just like with light ash blonde, this one has blue and green undertones as well which should be great for those with warm skin tone and pink or rosy undertones.


This color is more of light brown but has blonde dimensions and would be perfect for those with medium or warm skin tones.

Medium Brown

Medium or cool brown is great for those with cool skin tones or those with somewhat fleshy skin look.

Light Brown

This is probably the safest hair color since it works great for both warm and cool skin tones. If you are planning to have highlights, this is the best base color as well.

golden brown

golden brown

Golden Brown

This is perfect for summer for those with warmer skin tones as it gives somewhat a sun-kissed look.

Chocolate Brown

This is the richest and truest brown color among them all that suits those with medium or olive skin tones and brown or hazel eyes.

Dark Golden Brown

If you have an olive skin tone, this dark golden brown with a subtle hint of honey blonde should make you face look even more beautiful.

Medium Ash Brown

This is perfect for those who have medium skin tone with pink undertones. Again, this has that green and blue tint to neutralize pink color in skin tone.




This is a rich brown color highly suitable for those medium to dark skin toned with dark eye colors. Think of Beyoncé!

Jet Black

Either dark skinned or fair skinned people can make this color work except for those with blue skin undertones.

Reddish Blonde

Reddish or strawberry blonde is a warm color for those with warm skin tones but with light eye colors.

Light Auburn

This is the closest color to red and should work great on super fair skin tones with light eye colors as well.

Hair color chart varies from one brand to another. Always check the real color shade on the hair sample before proceeding with the purchase. In addition, if you are not ready for some drastic hair color changes or would like to sample it first, hair chalks are a nice way of determining if a certain color would look good on you.

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