What is Hair Strobing & how do you do it temporarily?

Hair Strobing – another new expression meaning the same thing?

Strobing is similar to sculpting – you basically emphasize certain parts while hiding the others… But less harsh. Strobing is lighting some areas while darkening other areas of your hair. Quickly, it can be mistaken for ombre, balayage, snowlights, or baby lights – of which the latter is the closest in my opinion. Still, hair strobing is a new story – you actually sculp your hair shine, texture & shape with the help of hair color alone. Sounds crazy & unbelivable? Basically it’s playing with light.


DISCLAIMER: the looks in this article’s photos have been achieved with hair chalks entirely.

Not a “one size fits all”

Maybe you’ll just need dark shades. Or you might be just in for the lighter colors. You can even do both. And not just that, you might want them in front & not in the back, or vice-versa. Maybe you’d only like to retouch your ends, or just play with the roots. Chances are pretty much endless, and each hairstyle comes out as a completely unique result! Speaking of results, strobing shouldn’t give you that completely new hair look that maybe some of the styles mentioned above will promise. Hair strobing is about subtle changes, the “hardly there” new color. Remember, it’s not about the new shade, it’s about the perfect mixture that makes your hair appear fuller, voluminous, and nicely embraces your face.


Test it out before you commit

My hair is bleached, white-ish blonde and for a while now I’ve been wanting to try something just a little different. I don’t want to lose my nicely bleached ends, because I know I would miss them, also I’m not into for a big change. I thought strobing would be cool but before I actually do it with permanent hair dye, I decided I would try hair chalks & strobe the hair with them.


How to temporarily strobe your hair with hair chalks?

STEP 1: decide on colors


I’ve opted for dark brown, grey, dark beige, blonde & white.

STEP 2: start at the top


I started playing with dark brown & grey at the top of my head. Wet your chalks before each rub onto your hair – be generous with water & color, if there’s too much you can always brush it out a bit.

STEP 3: continue towards the ends


I used dark beige & light beige for the mid part & white for my ends.

STEP 4: brush it to blend it


STEP 5: set the chalks in – with a hair spray or flat iron / curling wand

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