What Makes Hair Chalk Different?

Thinking of reinventing yourself but afraid the outcome would be a disaster? Well, good news to you, there is a new hair coloring technique that will make you happy – hair chalk.

If you’re a mom or a dad who has teenage kids, hair chalk is your new best friend! If your teenagers are adventurous and love to experiment with their personal style, you don’t have to worry about hair disasters.

hair chalk for kids

No need to be uneasy when your kid suddenly talks to you about dying their purple and green. Hair chalk can be applied to folks of all ages, but mostly those between the ages of 15-30 use hair chalks to add more personality to their crowning glory.

No Commitment Issues

Compared to dip dying and large section dying which are permanent hair coloring techniques, the hair dyes used in these procedures may contain chemicals that damage the hair. Permanent hair coloring may result in excessive hair loss, scalp dryness, and a straw-like texture of the hair. Furthermore, using hair dye can also cause allergic reactions as well as swelling, burning or severe itching of the scalp.

hair color disaster

Perhaps the most critical factor that makes people think twice about having their hair colored is the simple fact that the color change will be permanent (until your hair grows out the colored hair, that is). It takes commitment to go from blonde to brown for a long period of time. And when your hair does start to grow longer, the difference between the blonde and the brown will become more obvious. Then you may want to re-color it brown or have it back to blonde or maybe even go ombre to cover up the stark difference.

hair chalk

But not hair chalks. Hair chalking is an amazing way to add temporary color to your hair without the damaging effects of a permanent hair dye. Your hair goes back to its natural color after one or two washes.

Why Choose Hair Chalk?

Here are some reasons why hair chalk is a better option:

  •  Hair chalk comes in different colors from green, orange, silver, brown, shades of pink and purple to blue.
  • You can do it yourself. No special skills or tools needed for application.
  • It gives you more control and precision in choosing which strands to color.
  • It results to clearer and more vivid colors especially those with light colored natural hair.
  • Hair chalk is perfect for fun, colorful hair without commitment.
  • It allows you to change the color of your hair as often as you want just like changing your nail polish.
  • Hair chalk washes out easily with shampoo.
  • Hair chalk is ammonia-free.
  • It gives maximum color intensity without bleaching your hair.
  • It is inexpensive compared to permanent hair dyes. No need to go to the salon or spend a good chunk of your savings for a hair makeover.

hair chalk inspirations

Using hair chalk is an interesting adventure twist to do with your friends. Do not become a slave of basic fashion, be edgy and hype this season.

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